The Winter Classic Is Coming to L.a.!

AEG released a new video touting their vision of Farmer’s Field on Tuesday. The L.A. Times does a pretty good job reporting how the stadium looks.

The rendering shows an open-roofed venue that almost looks as if it’s wearing transparent shoulder pads, with outdoor concourses. The idea calls for a light, accordion-style roof that is somewhat translucent, as well as lighter and less expensive than a typical retractable covering.

It’s also got some pretty cool computer animation of everything inside and out of the new sports and entertainment complex. But the thing that caught my attention was what I had pointed out last February: AEG is making a play for the Winter Classic.

A map shows where everything is supposed to fit, complete with on-site parking. That stadium looks awfully cramped nestled right next to the 110 Freeway. And call me kooky, but that parking is really lacking for 15,000 more fans.

One interesting note: the extremely popular Holiday Ice event will be heading to the new Gilbert Lindsey Plaza on the southwest side of Staples Center. Notice anything odd? Hey, that ice rink is practically the same size as a regulation NHL rink! (No, I’m not saying they are going to hold the Winter Classic off Figueroa.) But that rink is pretty huge compared to the tiny one they shoehorned in at L.A. Live.

The video proclaims a “family-friendly tailgate for 15,000 fans.” One of the images is a little disturbing: Chick Hearn Court disappears! In it’s place is a small football field? I’ve walked across Chick Hearn Court many times. There is NO way there’s that much space to put in the street. (Yes, I know it’s just a mock-up. I’m just saying…) By the way, where’s the Magic Johnson statue?

Then they show a fly-thru of the new stadium, featuring some video of the NFL, featuring the Ravens, Bengals, Jaguars (my bet for the next NFL team in L.A.), Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks, Packers, Cardinals, Cowboys, Dolphins and Saints (with a flying Reggie Bush). Note no Raiders, Rams or Chargers. Hmmm.

Then they show images for the Final Four and the World Cup (with a diving Landon Donovan.)

Then around the 3:08 mark, the video shows the image of the flag above, then shows footage from the 2010 Winter Classic between the Flyers and the Bruins.

Finally, I feel vindicated! I’ve been telling everyone that if Farmer’s Field is built, AEG was going to make a play for the Winter Classic. This confirms my suspicion that we’ll be seeing the Kings playing in the NHL’s first outdoor game in Southern California!

Keep in mind, this video is just a promotional campaign to try and garner excitement for the new football stadium that they are going to build right behind Staples. This has no bearing on any real negotiations between AEG and the NHL. But you better believe if AEG is including it in their presentation, you best believe they’ll make a pitch.