Mar. 29 Is Tannerhead/be the Match/star Wars/life in Hockeywood Night at the Reign!

So, I was approached by the Ontario Reign a few months back because they had this killer idea: the Reign wanted to do another Tannerhead/Be The Match night, where they raise awareness for bone marrow donation.

“I’m all about Be The Match,” I told them. “So I told them anything I can do to help promote it, just let me know. I’ll use my limited online presence to help get the word out.”

The Reign also told me they were planning on it fall on Star Wars Night, where they were going to have members of the Inland Empire Squad of the Southern California Garrison of the 501st Legion come out to the game.

The 501st Legion is a group of volunteer Star Wars cosplayers (performance artists specializing in the Star Wars Universe) who are involved with charity work.

“So lemme get this straight,” I stammered. “You guys are having Star Wars Night and Tannerhead Night on the same night?!? Where do I sign up?”

They proceeded to tell me it’s much better than that. Because they know that I support Be The Match and I’m a huge hockey fan who loves Star Wars, they want me to DROP THE PUCK before the game! I mean really, what would you say?!? Of course I’m in!

I am extremely honored that the Reign asked me to help get the word out. As I’ve written before, the idea of donating marrow sounds scary. But not as scary as facing a life-threatening disease.

As hockey fans, we all follow our heroes on the ice, these men who are larger than life. But think about it, you can become a real superhero, by possibly matching up with someone and give them the chance for life.

So I’m asking for all denizens of Hockeywood to travel out to Ontario on Friday, March 29. There’s no Kings game, as they’ll be in the middle of a five-game road trip. The game is at 7 p.m so make a night out of it. Bring the kids and pose with Stormtroopers, there’s no school in the morning. Watch the Reign bring the pain (hey, that rhymes) when they take on the Alaska Aces.

Be sure to pre-order your tickets beforehand: head to and use the codeword TANNER to order your tickets. The best part? $7 from each ticket goes toward Be The Match! Thanks in advance, drop the puck and may the Force be with you.