Not So Winter Classic: Kings Reportedly to Host Outdoor Game

The last thing I expected to read on a lazy Sunday was something coming across my Facebook feed that The Fourth Period is reporting that we’ll be seeing an outdoor game during the regular NHL season at Dodger Stadium.

I’ve been championing this for ages, and to have this possibly come to fruition is kinda cool. I mean, not as cool as Seeing the Kings win the Stanley Cup Cool, but still pretty tremendous.

I was convinced that AEG would stick to its guns and hold onto the Winter Classic for when Farmers Field became a reality. But with the uncertainty surrounding the immediate future of that venue, I imagine the Kings ownership want to strike while the iron is hot (and the team is still a contender).

According to TFP, the league wants to stage multiple outdoor games on the same day, which makes sense for Hockey Day In America, which usually is played in February. There’s talk Yankee Stadium may also host a game, which would make the above image improbable.

Worried about the condition of the ice? According to Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, the temperature on the dasher boards in Philadelphia back in 2012 was 71 degrees. They used an insulated blanket over the ice, leaving the ice playable by gametime. Obviously they wouldn’t play the game in the middle of the day, so that suggests the game would be the second of a doubleheader.

Obviously, the two teams that would most likely play in L.A. would be the Kings and the Ducks. Two teams who have previously won the Stanley Cup on the West Coast. (LOL @ San Jose. Suck it, Sharks.) EDITOR’S NOTE: As of Sunday afternoon, the L.A. Times’ Helene Elliott reported it would be Kings/Ducks and it could possibly be on Jan. 25, 2014.

Although, if the league wanted to guarantee a sellout, they’d be better off scheduling the Red Wings, the Canucks or any other cold weather team with a bunch of transplants living in L.A.

All I know is I’ll pay ANY price to see this game in person. I don’t care if the sightlines are crap, the weather is crap or if the game is crap. It’s something I’ve envisioned for a long time.