Best Youth Hockey Sticks 2022 – Top 9 sticks for Youth

If you’re looking for the best youth hockey sticks 2022, look no further. You will find a list of the top 9 youth hockey sticks available in the market today.

Youth hockey is all about younger children learning how to play hockey. Children as young as five years of age start out there learning. For every age group, there are different kinds of hockey sticks available to play with. You can’t give a child as young as five a heavy hockey stick and expect them to play with it.

It is important to find the right size and weight for them so that they can enjoy their game without any worry.

So, go ahead and get your hands on them so that you can offer your young one the best option there is.

Best Youth Hockey Sticks 2022

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Hockey Stick

It’s a new pride of the company to take your game to a whole new level with their highly renowned kick point and the latest technology.

Whenever you hit with this stick, you gain the necessary power and control. Your lightning-fast shots are precise thanks to the Hybrid kick point. To give you these results, two softer flex zones have a stiff flex zone in between that produces a hinge-like effect in the shaft. So, in the end, you enjoy quick shots and amazing play.

Furthermore, it features the new Skeleton+ technology which gives you constant performance all the time. Also, the stick is made lighter using this technology but far more reliable to make you win the game. 

For the shaft, it has Nanolite Carbon layering which is the finest layering technology and it is present in combination with the Sigmatex spread tow. With this combination, you not only get the ultimate strength but very light weight as well.

The blade is RR-90 with the damp-core so you can have the best dampening material with extra rigidity. With this, you get the best pop and feel like never before. The shape is also superb.

Overall, if you only wish to win the game, this hockey stick is well-equipped with everything to meet your needs.

BAUER Vapor HyperLite Grip Stick

Durability, power, performance, just name what you want, and this hockey stick is ready to provide you with that.

HyperLite is made to perform – it gives the fastest possible release on every shot with the lightest weight a stick can have. The weight is just 385 grams with the durability that makes it last season after season. To provide you with the best weight with performance, it features asymmetrical TeXtreme carbon fiber construction.

As for the shaft, this hockey stick has the company’s special ACL technology that arranges carbon fibers cleverly in layers to improve performance, feel, and durability. The strength is further augmented using the Duraflex resin system.

It is a true one-piece stick as its monocomp construction eradicates the fusion point between the blade and the shaft. So, when you handle the stick or enjoy passing or shooting, you get the constant amazing feel.

Thanks to the XE taper technology, the lower portion of the shaft and blade are made highly responsive. In return, they offer great control and accuracy when you shoot. The ultra-low kick point has its benefits. With the hypercore blade core, there is better durability and puck feel along with lighter weight for enhanced performance.

On the whole, this hockey stick is manufactured very carefully to give you the best of every aspect i.e. from construction to performance.

WARRIOR Alpha LX Pro 30 Grip Hockey Stick

It’s a versatile stick to make you a pro in no time with its advanced features.

Featuring Dynamic Strike technology, this hockey stick offers the best in every situation. Furthermore, it utilizes Sabre Taper II technology that gives the ideal geometry-shape to the stick with the low kick flex. It makes your stick highly stable and powerful with the precision that you desire. Additionally, the latest laminate design makes things better and makes the stick recoil quickly on shots.

The company made it more amazing by using their revolutionary highest grade RLC 188 construction in this stick. It gives you a perfect combination of lower-weight fibers and toughened thermoplastic epoxy resin to give you balance with the best performance.

By using the Minimus carbon UD material in the composition, this hockey stick is one the lightest yet toughest sticks of the company. As for the blade, you get a fuelcore ultra blade that has a tougher edge with augmented durability. Whenever you play with this blade, you enjoy a highly responsive crispy feel all the time.

With the Ergo shaft shape, this hockey stick gives you comfort while playing. Furthermore, the use of a soft Apex Performance grip also enhances the coziness with more control and a better feel. These features overall show that when you go for this hockey stick, you are making the right choice.

CCM Jetspeed 20 Flex Hockey Stick

Designed specifically while keeping the youth in mind, this hockey stick has everything to boost the performance of the energetic players.

When it comes to stickhandling, this hockey stick is surely the best with its specifically selected flex ratio; also the passing is flawless. For the shaft, you get a very lightweight but highly durable shaft. With the use of cutting-edge design, the weight is lowered without reducing the performance or durability.

To make the stick stronger and powerful, the company uses Sigmatex spread tow which extracts the best from the weaving process. For extra stick control with the lowest rotation, this stick has a full grip to improve the playing potential of the player.

The blade comes with a special curve that is combined with perfect angle and size to enhance the shooting power with quick speed. No matter from which perspective you see, this hockey stick lets you enjoy the game while augmenting your performance.

STX Field Hockey Rookie Starter

This is the perfect option to go for when someone is starting out playing hockey. It comes in a pack which proves to be ideal as it covers almost everything that a beginner would need. The first thing that you must note is that it offers you a fiberglass composition. This allows the user to make a prolonged use of the stick as they start playing. More than that, it is also easy to make use of given the rounded handles.

The rounded handled ensure that the user gets a good grip on the hockey stick as they play. Along with this, the hockey stick is thinner from the place where it is held, allowing for a better grip for young ones.


  • ASTM certified goggle
  • Rx 50 beginner stick
  • Various sizes available
  • Rounded handle
  • Fiberglass composition

CCM Tacks AS3 Grip

This one allows for the maximum grip for the young user. One of the main concerns when young ones start out to play is of managing their grip. With this hockey stick, you do not have to worry about this at all. With its grip stick finish, you get to make sure that your child gets added grip while playing. Not only this, you will find this to be very lightweight. Children find it easier to play with lighter hockey sticks as opposed to the heavier ones.

The hockey stick might be lightweight, but it ensures durability through and through. So, you will find that it is made using high-quality material, which allows your child to play with great strength while also making sure not to cause too much pressure on their arms.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stiff, lightweight blade
  • Two sizes available
  • Grip stick finish

Bauer Vapor Prodigy Griptac

If there is one hockey stick that almost everyone uses as a beginner, it is this one. You will find that this is not only light weight, but ensures that the user gets to make use of the Max Balance blade construction that it comes with. So, you will find the child developing better control over their game as they consistently play with this.

More than that, the carbon fibers ensure that the user gets the maximum durability from this hockey stick. It is ideal for beginners as it focuses on their control, while also making sure that they are able to make beautiful hits as they learn how to play hockey. The carbon construction also reduces how heavy the stick feels while playing.


  • Carbon fibers
  • RD Resin System
  • Low-kick stick
  • QRT technology
  • Max Balance blade construction

Warrior Alpha DX Gold Grip

This one is perfect for beginners as it offers the ideal lightweight feel. Younger children will find it the easiest to use as they will be able to make great shots using such a lightweight hockey stick. The hockey stick comes with a Sabre Taper Technology which offers users an extended use, with a low kick-point. So, you will be able to see some fascinating hits with this.

Along with this, the ergonomic contour shaft ensures that your child or the beginner has an easier time getting used to the hockey stick as compared to other options available. It also offers users a True 1 Phantom feel.


  • Sabre Taper technology
  • Powerful release
  • True 1 Phantom
  • Minimus Carbon 1400
  • Ergonomic contour shaft

Warrior Covert QRE5 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

This is considerably one of the best hockey sticks available in the market for beginners. It is made using an effective QR edge technology, which allows users to focus all of the energy on the lower end as opposed to the hands. So, your child will be more comfortable making use of this hockey stick than anything else.

Along with this, you will find that the quick edge release allows them to make swift hits without feeling too much pressure on their harms. Not only this, but they also get to enjoy a more stable and stronger play with the unique geometry this hockey stick has to offer.


  • Edge quick release
  • Unique geometry
  • Minimus Carbon 400
  • True 1 Phantom
  • Edge taper

Final Words

Don’t expect your child to make use of heavy and difficult to play with hockey sticks when they are starting out. You want to make sure you get them something that is suitable for their age. Choose from some of the best youth hockey sticks mentioned here so that your child can start playing hockey the right way. As they grow older, replace their sticks with something that is more useful for them but you need to start out with ones that are specific for the youth group. So, hurry up, get your child the best youth hockey sticks available in the market.

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