Best Senior Hockey Sticks 2022 – Top 5 High Rated Sticks!

Discover the best senior hockey sticks from our fan-favorite hockey brands. In this detailed guide, we carefully weigh the pros and cons of each stick to find out which one is the most worth it in terms of performance.

Senior hockey sticks are typically 60 inches long and suitable for ages 14 and older. The sticks are generally made of composite materials that make them stronger and enhance performance on the ice.

With so many options out there, we decided to simplify matters by putting together all the best hockey sticks for senior in one detailed guide.


Best Senior Hockey Sticks 2022

BAUER Supreme Ultrasonic Stick

First off, we have the BAUER Supreme Ultrasonic Stick. This hockey stick is absolutely top of the line when it comes to senior hockey sticks.

It is made using an advanced carbon layering process that makes the stick extremely lightweight. Indeed, the BAUER Supreme only weighs 390 grams making it one of the most lightweight sticks on the market.

The stick also has an asymmetrical TeXtreme fiber that maximizes energy transfer so that the stick retains its signature pop and feel. A duraflex resin is added to make the stick just as robust as the old-fashioned wood sticks.

However, the star feature of the BAUER stick is the 7-sided sonic taper that transfer energy from the handle to the blade faster than ever before.

The blade itself has two different foam layers that enhances puck feel and allows players to hit the puck harder and at a greater speed.


  • Advanced Carbon Layering 
  • Asymmetrical TeXtreme fiber
  • Sonic taper
  • Duraflex resin
  • FastCore blade

WARRIOR Fantom QRE Grip Hockey Stick

Next on our list today is the amazing WARRIOR Fantom QRE hockey stick. This is the most lightweight stick compared to every other hockey stick in the same category. Coming in at a weight of 360 grams, the QRE even leaves the BAUER behind as the lightest stick on the market right now.

This senior hockey stick is constructed out of enigma fiber which is a flat weave carbon. The fibers help make the stick more lightweight with no compromise on strength and durability. So, this stick helps players make better snapshots during an intense game.

The shaft has a unique one-piece construction with a low-kick point. Combined with the angled edge taper, the shaft helps players make shots from any point or position.

The secret behind this enhanced performance is the unique construction of this stick. The shaft and the taper are designed in such a way that they make the stick more stable so that players can make more powerful shots.


  • Super lightweight
  • Enigma carbon fiber
  • Edge taper
  • Low-kick point
  • One-piece shaft

CCM Jetspeed 475 Hockey Stick

Now, let’s look at the CCM Jetspeed hockey stick. This senior hockey stick is designed using a C6 carbon weave. The carbon makes the stick lightweight yet stiff enough for players to make more aggressive shots.

The shaft of the CCM stick follows an R-shaped structure. It has concave sides which give the shaft a more streamlined appearance. The concave design also ensures that the stick is easier to hold.

The stick also combines the advantages of both high and low kick points in its hybrid kick point which produces the necessary hinge effect that allows players to make shots from any position. So, we recommend this stick for players who need to make multiple shots and quick passes from anywhere in the ring.

The JS3 blade is another highly functional feature of the Jetspeed stick. It has a tactile outer surface with a lightweight core that gives better feel for the puck.


  • C6 carbon weave
  • JS3 blade
  • R-shaped shaft
  • Shaft with concave sides
  • Hybrid kick point

CCM Ribcor 76K Hockey Stick

Moving on, we have another offering from CCM in the form of the Ribcor 76K hockey stick. Just like the Jetspeed, the Ribcor too uses the signature CCM C6 composite carbon fiber to produce a stick that is robust yet lightweight. The Ribcor stick also has a low-kick point so that the puck can be released faster.

The C6 fiber is specifically used in the blade to give it a tactile outer covering so that players get a better feel for the puck for more controlled and accurate shots.

The blade is also made using a special technique to give it a peel ply texture. This texture varies from heel to toe. While the heel is more flexible, the texture is more pronounced in the toe area to give it added stiffness so that players can release the puck faster.

The shaft has a T-shaped structure with square sides that is easy to hold. To strengthen the players’, hold, a grip coating is also applied to the shaft surface so that it can be gripped more easily.


  • C6 composite carbon fiber
  • T-shaped shaft
  • Low-kick point
  • Peel ply blade texture
  • Grip coating

TRUE XC9 ACF Hockey Stick

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the XC9 senior hockey stick. It has a square corner double concave shaft. The concave sides are covered in a matte grip coating that makes the shaft easier to grip.

However, the best feature of the XC9 is its expertly crafted blade. A BRT+ blade technology is used that makes the blade stronger and more durable but also lightweight.

An XCORE Gen insert is also added to the blade which gives it a bigger sweet spot compared to other sticks. The weight is distributed within the blade in such a way that it can easily absorb the impact of hitting a fast-moving puck.

The stick also has a mid-point flex that helps players make more accurate shots. Overall, the XC9 is a reliable hockey stick that delivers the goods in terms of performance.


  • Mid-point flex
  • Square corner double concave shaft
  • Matte grip
  • BRT+ blade technology
  • XCORE Gen 2 blade insert


We hope this detailed guide has given you all the information that you need to determine if a hockey stick has the necessary features that will help you give your best performance in any game.