Best Men’s Softball Bats of 2019

We have looked into some of the latest bats for men, thoroughly read their reviews and compared them with earlier models. We have shortlisted the top 4 best men’s softball bats of 2019.

These bats are meant to change your game for the upcoming season! Let’s take a look at their features one by one:

Best Men’s Softball Bats 2019

#1. 2018 Miken DC-41 Supermax Denny Crine Signature Model

Miken is the frontrunner when it comes to softball and baseball bats. DC-41 Supermax, one of the best bat deals for 2019, is Denny Crine’s tried and tested signature model.

It is constructed using Revolutionary 100 COMP technology which uses 100% premium aerospace grade fiber. This not only improves the performance of the bat but increases its durability as well.

Greater speed is achieved using flex 2 power (F2P) technology. Its Triple Matrix Core + Technology enhances durability by enhancing the layering process. It also improves the sweet spot and amplifies pop.

DC-41 has a 14-inch-long barrel with a SuperMax Full Ounce End Load design. This design gives more power to the players. This two-piece bat has barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches. It is approved for play in USSSA, NSA and ISA leagues.

Pros: Great general feel, Next level pop, Hot out of the Wrapper

#2. DeMarini 2018 Steel Slow Pitch Bat: WTDXSTL

DeMarini is known for its rock-solid softball bats. Its 2018 Steel bat is no different! It enjoys the same strength as other bats from the brand do.

Its 2 ¼ inch barrel is made from carbonized seamless drawn steel which improves performance, enhances strength and ensures durability. This barrel is made harder using a proprietary and patented heat-treating process.

The handle has ZnX Alloy which offers stiffness to the bat. So that when a softball comes in contact with this bat, less flex is generated and more room is left for force.

This two-piece bat has a single wall construction which makes it most suitable for players who wish to play for leagues that do not permit bats with multi-wall construction.

It is 12 inches long balanced model with an RCK Knob attached at the end of the bat. DeMarini 2018 Steel is approved for play in All Associations i.e. ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA.

Pros: Amazing Pop, Hits Home Runs, Has a solid feel to it

#3. X Bats Pro Model 73SB

X Bats is a world leader when it comes to customized baseball and softball bats. They sell a wide variety of hard maple softball bats. These bats come in the same quality as the ones used by over 300 Major League Baseball players.

The 73SB Pro model is a great choice for both power hitters and contact hitters. It has a long 2 ¼ inches barrel which smoothly transitions to a medium 15/16 inches handle.

The handle has a large knob at the end which allows for a balanced feel, a lighter swing weight and greater comfort.

It is approved for play in ASA softball leagues. It comes in a classy black finish and has a length of 34 inches.

Pros: Great Pop, Durable and Extremely Comfortable

#4. Louisville Slugger Solo Z 16 Load Slow Pitch Bat

Louisville Slugger is a brand that is famous for its powerful bats that are meant to last. These bats offer unmatched performance! Same is true for this Solo Z 16 USSSA Power Load Slowpitch Bat.

This 1-piece bat has 100% composite construction. This design allows for consistent performance. Its 2 ¼ inches barrel has a friction blast finish which allows the ball to fly further than ever before!

The 0.5oz end-load on this bat enhances its sweet spot. It has a length of 34 inches and it comes in three weight options. It is approved for play in USSSA, NSA and ISA slowptich softball leagues.

Pros: Hot out of the Wrapper, Extremely affordable, Great Pop

Why We Determined These Bats are Best for Men?

These bats are considered to be the best for men as they are tried and tested by hundreds of softball players out there who swear by them! Keeping the user reviews in mind, here are several reasons as to why we determined these bats are best for men:

First: the amount of pop on these bats is exceptional. You must be wondering as to why pop on a softball bat matter? According to researchers, pop is basically the batted ball speed – the speed at which a ball leaves the softball bat. The greater this speed is the more are your chances of hitting a homerun.

Second: the best softball bats for men have a great feel to them. A great feel comes from an overall ease to swing as well as a comfortable grip. Kudos to the designers of these bats who have kept in mind the comfort of their users. In most of the models, you will observe that the handle is covered in a comfortable grip and that this handle smoothly transitions to the barrel. Remember, when you are comfortable with your bat, it translates into better performance on the field.

Third: a majority of these bats are “hot out of the wrapper”. You must have noticed that while talking about softball bats this term “hot out of the wrapper” is used quite often. If you are new to the game, then this term might confuse you. Don’t worry! It simply means that your bat is game-ready right out of the wrapper. As soon as you get your bat, you can take it out in the field and hit home runs! You don’t have to spend months and months with your bat before finding its sweet spot.

Forth: if you are someone who doesn’t want to break their bank while finding the best bat for men of 2019, then you have come to the right place. Some of the bats mentioned above are extremely affordable and are totally worth your money! The manufacturers have not compromised on the quality while keeping the prices low at the same time.

Fifth: the top softball bats offer great versatility. They can be used by power hitter or contact hitters. Someone who loves balanced bat but is looking for a solid feel. If end-loaded is your thing, you can find some gems in our top 4 best bats for this year! Basically, there is something for everyone.

Finally: these bats bear the stamp of approval of prestigious softball leagues including ASA, USSSA, ISA and NSA. So, while purchasing these bats, you don’t have to worry about the bat being illegal for your league.

Is there any Difference between Softball Bats for Girl and Men?

Yes! Girls or Women softball bats are slightly different from Men’s softball bats. Women bats are made for fastpitch softball games whereas men’s bats are made for slowpitch softball. The rules are regulation of fastpitch and slowpitch are slightly different from each other, therefore the bats have a few differences as well.

Fastpitch bats are measured in terms of drop weight – length to weight ratios. The popular drop weight for these bats is -10 ounces. They range between a length of 25 inches and 34 inches. Same is not true for men’s softball bats. These bats come in a length of 34 inches – nothing more or less than this. The length to weight ratio isn’t significantly important in this case.

In the game of fastpitch, you will find slappers or left-handed players who hit really fast. They need bats which can help them in hitting infield short hits. In case you are slapper for your team, then you definitely need a bat that is completely different from men’s softball bat. One such bat is the DeMarini CFX Slapper.


We hope that our comprehensive guide regarding the best men’s softball bats of 2019 was useful and informative. Without any doubt, the top 4 bats mentioned for this year are worth a try! These bats have unreal pop, great strength, versatility, affordability and a performance that is hot out of the wrapper. Whatever your preference is, we are sure that you will find a bat which is just about right for you!

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