Best Junior Hockey Sticks 2022 – The 9 Sticks That Best Quality

We have compiled a list of 9 of the best junior hockey sticks 2022 for you. So, stay tuned to have a look at what these are and how they serve you with the best quality.

As a junior hockey player, you need to have the right equipment in hand to ensure that you make a powerful play. Without the right hockey stick, you will not be able to make the most out of your game. Looking for the best junior stick should not be something that you should worry about.

Best Junior Hockey Sticks 2022

BAUER Nexus Geo Grip Stick 54”

When the goal is winning, this junior hockey stick is made to make your dream come true.

Featuring Bauer’s special ER Spine technology, you get what you desire. It gives faster release and a better overall feel. The advanced shape eliminates any extra carbon fiber layers located in the key loading zone that not only lowers weight but makes it easy to flex for a better controlled release.

The blade uses Omnicore blade technology for enhanced feel and performance. This hockey stick has lightweight foam with the response layer in combination to give extra control. With the advanced carbon layering, the stick becomes ultralight. However, the strategic layering improves the strength and you always play a powerful shot.

To give this stick a perfect one-piece design, monocomp construction is being used. With this addition, you get consistent energy flow all the time. The connection of the handle to the blade becomes flawless to provide you with improved play.

If you want to compromise on nothing when it comes to performance, then this hockey stick is for you to enjoy a perfect game all the time.

CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro Hockey Stick

With this advanced mid-kick performance powerhouse, winning seems inevitable.

This hockey stick uses cutting-edge technology to give you performance with style. Thanks to the improved mid-kick stiffness profile, you enjoy optimized loading and better control. The stick is balanced with unimaginable stability.

For the weight, the special construction has taken all the extra weight away providing the stick with the perfect lightweight. The ACU4 XX-stiff blade is the lightest blade of the company and it is present in this stick. It gives an enhanced feel with the optimal control for the best performance.

The shaft uses innovative molding technology to enhance shaft consistency and quality while lowering the amount of extra resin. The special Sigmatex material is used using the special weaving process for the ultimate strength with the lowest weight.

From the design to the performance, this hockey stick is a true CCM marvel for the little players to fulfill their dreams. 

WARRIOR Covert QRE 10 Grip Hockey Stick

This Warrior’s stick is for the true warriors who think about only the victory during the game.

This hockey stick has the honor to be one of the most technologically advanced sticks of the company. It gives you the perfect combination of control and performance. The Edge Taper takes the flex energy through the stick to enhance power and allow the fastest possible release.

The geometry-shape is flawless to make the stick more responsive and stable. For the shaft construction, Minimus carbon 1500D is utilized which adds super strength with lightweight and durability. Furthermore, the shadow feel construction makes this stick one of the most well-balanced sticks you can put your hands on.

Additionally, the Fuelcore+ technology – a lightweight polymer blade core – makes things even better and improves pop and puck feel. Also, you will only find grip in the textured zones where it is needed the most for optimal performance.

So, if you have durability in your mind with power, control, and quick release, then this is a complete hockey stick package at the perfect price.

TRUE Project X Hockey Stick

It’s a limited edition so only the best can take advantage.

Being the lightest stick to the date of the True, there are many awesome features of this stick that makes you want it. An optimized low-kick profile is present at the bottom third of the shaft to give you ultimate loading energy. As an outcome, the player enjoys explosive release with the power of a horse with very little effort.

With the lightest weight, this stick is also the most balanced and the strongest stick to have, thanks to the Precision Laminate Design. It changes the layers of the fiber angles and extracts the best out of them.

The BRT+ blade technology enhances the blade performance greatly and is better than any of the previous versions. Also, the braided tubes are extended more into the heel for improved control and feel. The plus point is, all of these add extra durability to the construction.

On the whole, it is one of the best hockey sticks having a true one-piece design with the blade and shaft to just get you going in the right direction.

TK Platinum P Junior Field Hockey Stick

If you’re looking for something that offers you the perfect balance, then there is no better than this hockey stick right here. There are a range of benefits of using this hockey stick.

One of the more prominent ones is that it has a 5 mm bow which allows you to get greater control on the ball as you play. More than that, you will find that this feature allows you to make multi-directional dribbling with ease. Aerial passing and drag flicking are two other things that you will find this to aid you with.

With 30% carbon, you will find that this hockey stick offers you a great range of control and power with every hit. The Nano Technology, along with the compact compression molding further ensures the efficiency of this hockey stick for junior players.


  • 25mm bow
  • Nano technology
  • 30% carbon
  • Multi-colors available
  • Dynanotex

Osaka Vision Deshi Junio

This one is perfect for those who wish to get their hands on a lightweight hockey stick. It only weights 1.76 pounds and is easy to make use of. More than that, you will find the structure of the mid-bow to be quite astounding.

It offers you 17mm in height, with a maximum bow position of about 300mm. This ensures that it is easy to handle and make use of.

The handle on this hockey stick is thinner than regular hockey sticks. This is to ensure that younger players can use it without any difficulty. Along with this, it offers you a 1 mm VibraStop foam layer, which further enables you to have better grip on the hockey stick.

It features a 95% fiber glass construction, which makes the hockey stick more durable.


  • Mid bow
  • Full composite
  • Lightweight
  • 17 mm bow
  • Kevlar reinforcement

STX Surgeon 300 Junior Ice Hockey Stick

If you’re looking for something that will ensure that you get the best performance out of it, then this is the one. It offers you dual kick-points, which is different than a typical hockey stick.

So, you get to ensure that you are able to make quick shots easily, without worrying about having an effect on the performance. More than that, you will find that the 300 blade offers you a great use. It is made of 12K carbon, with a 3K carbon in the shaft. This denotes that you will have immense control over your movements as you play.

If there is one thing that will further enhance your play, it is the ultra-high balance points. They ensure your control over your play as the features offers you more balance. More than that, you will find the hockey stick to offer you a better feel as you play as well.


  • Dual kick points
  • 3K carbon in shaft
  • Ultra-high balance points
  • 50” length
  • 12K carbon blade construction

CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Grip

This one offers you one of the best use out there. With its design and C6 weave, you will find it to be one of the most lightweight options out there. More than that, you will also find this to not sacrifice your play in any way. It gives you promising and powerful shots throughout your play.

Every inch of the hockey stick ensures that you get the maximum comfort from playing with this stick. The stick has an ergonomic construction which enables you to have better control over it as well. You will find that the shaft and the rounded convex backside of this hockey stick allows you to have greater control over your game.


  • C6 weave
  • Lightweight
  • E-Geometry shaft
  • Rounded concave design
  • Low-kick feature

Bauer Vapor Flylite Griptac

This one is another one of the top junior hockey sticks available for you. The ACL technology that it comes with allows you to make the best use out of it. The lightweight hockey stick offers you the best use as it ensures you a powerful play as well.

The design of the hockey stick allows you to make better use of it since it helps you stabilize the lower shaft of the hockey stick.

Overall, the AuroSense 2 blade core and the high-end materials used in these hockey sticks ensure that you get increased durability and performance from the stick. Along with this, you will find that it is a low-kick stick which allows you to get your shots as quick as possible.


  • One-piece stick
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon Fiber construction
  • ACL technology
  • 2 blade core

Final Words

All in all, when you’re choosing a junior hockey stick, you must ensure that they are lightweight so the player ca make sure to use it as effectively as possible. But this shouldn’t hinder their chance at playing a powerful game.

These best junior hockey sticks 2022 offer you increased durability and effective play, while ensuring that they are easy to handle buy younger players. So, hurry up and make your decision. Get your hands on the best junior stick for you.

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