5 Best Intermediate Hockey Sticks for 2022

Do you think that your hockey game has been suffering because you don’t have the right stick to play with? Well, if you’re an intermediate then you have nothing to worry about. We are here with the best intermediate hockey sticks for you to make use of for your games.

No longer do you need to worry about losing out on performance because of the equipment you own. The hockey sticks we have to offer you come with the best features to ensure that you get the perfect performance out of them.

Here, we have brought together five different hockey sticks that are perfect for intermediate hockey players. So, let’s get started with what these are and what they have to offer you.

Best Intermediate Hockey Sticks 2022

#1. Mercian Evolution 0.9 Pro 2019

The first one on the list is the Mercian Evolution 0.9. If you’re looking for an all-rounder hockey stick that works best for intermediate players, then this is it. The features it entails allow you to make sure that you get the best use out of them. The stick offers you a pro-bend features, which offers you a maximum of 23.5mm bow position. It is shaped in a way that is it thinner from the area where the player holds it from. Therefore, making it perfect to grab on to.

More than that, you will find that it offers you a high-friction finish. This allows the player to have better control over the stick as they play. Along with this, the piezo-electric fibers that reduce vibrations that the players feels when playing, which helps in better performance during the play.


  • 5mm bow
  • High-friction finish
  • Piezo-electric fibers
  • Nano-carbon technology
  • Cold satin lacquer

#2. STX XPR 401

One of the best hockey sticks for intermediate players out there is this one, which ensures that you have the ideal control over your stick and play. You will find that it comes with 40% carbon content. Therefore, there is no doubt that it offers you the best control over your game. The stick is narrower from the top where it is held from, making is easier to use.

The standard bow shape and design of the hockey stick allows you to make great use out of this. As an intermediate hockey player, you would want to have the best control over your game. This is why, this hockey stick features an optimal balance point. So, you don’t have to worry about losing out when it comes to performance.


  • 40% carbon content
  • Standard bow shape
  • Optimal balance point
  • Lightweight
  • Maxi toe

#3. Warrior Alpha QX Grip

This is another one of the best sticks for you to make use of. You will find that its Quick Strike Technology allows you to make the best use of it. You don’t have to worry about poor performance when you have this stick in your hands. The best thing about this is that it is built with quick shot release features, which allow you to have pin-point accuracy.

The accuracy of your shot is further enhances with the stiffness of the shaft. The taper ensures that you maintain the stiffness as you play. Along with this, you will find that it offers you a dual kick-point. So, you get a low to mid-kick point. With this, you get to flex through to the lower third of your hockey stick’s shaft.


  • Quick strike technology
  • Dual kick-point
  • True 1 Phantom Feel construction
  • Lightweight feel
  • Durable

#4. CCM Jetspeed Pro2 Grip

If you are looking for an advanced option for a hockey stick, then this is it. You will find this to offer you durability and power when you play with this stick. The most prominent feature that it has to offer you is the hybrid kick-point. This features allows you to limit the gap that exists between a fast shot and a powerful one. It offers you both equally.

The design and material of the hockey stick allows you to get quick shots without affecting your performance at all. More than that,  the carbon fiber weave offers you stiffness and control, which is beneficial for your play.


  • Hybrid kick-point
  • Quick shots
  • C6 material
  • Durable
  • R-Shape geometry

#5. Easton Synergy 650 Grip

Lastly, This one offers you added speed and power with its shot boost. Not only will you ensure that you get additional strength from your hockey stick, but you will also get the right speed. This hockey stick allows you to have better control and response when you’re playing your game. It allows you to transfer more power into every shot you make.

Along with this, you will find that it comes with multi-carbo I-beams. So, when you’re playing with this stick, you get to ensure that you get a more stable play. You will find this to further offer you a micro-bladder, which allows you to ensure that you get the best feel from it. The durability it offers is unmatched as you will get to make the most use out of this hockey stick.


  • Shot boost
  • Power taper
  • Hyper tuned 2
  • Multi-rib
  • Micro-bladder

Final Words

The hockey sticks mentioned here are perfect for all intermediate players. You will find these to offer you the ideal strength and speed as you make use of them. The best thing to note about each of these is that they come with features that allow you to build your performance over time. So, they will only help you perform better as you start using them. Go ahead, choose from one of the hockey sticks here to improve your game and see a difference in your play.

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