Best Ice Hockey Skates 2022 – Top 8 Hockey Skates for All Level

If you are looking for the best ice hockey skates for this season, look no further. This quick but comprehensive guide covers all the best skates that are on offer this year.

With a focus on the quality of construction, range of features and overall performance, we have shortlisted skates that offer an all-around great performance and value for your money.

The best hockey skates in this guide have been carefully selected after reviewing a huge range of models. With this, we make it easier for you to choose skates that will serve you in good stead on the ice.

The Best Ice Hockey Skates

Best Ice Hockey Skates for 2022

Ice Hockey Skates  
Botas - Draft 281 - Men's Ice Hockey SkatesCheck Price
Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice SkatesCheck Price
Roces Men's ICY 3 Sport and Leisure Ice Skates HockeyCheck Price
K2 Skate Boy's Raider Ice SkateCheck Price
American Athletic Shoe Boy's Ice Force Hockey SkatesCheck Price
Softec Jackson Ultima XP1000Check Price
5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey SkatesCheck Price

Botas – Draft 281 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

One of the best ice hockey skates for this year is the Draft 281 from Botas. These skates combine high-quality material composition with a solid performance.

The upper of these skates are constructed from resistant synthetic material that is combined with a fabric to enhance its qualities. For lining and padding, Botas has made use of PENAT. To make sure that the blades on these skates deliver a solid performance, high-quality steel has been used.

These skates also feature a number of protective features. These include an ergonomic design of the upper which reinforces the sides which ensures good ankle support. In the heel area, Botas has reinforced the construction with imitation carbon.

Players using skates often incur toe injuries during collisions. These skates help players avoid the injuries by using a fabric-covered plastic toe which ensures excellent protection for the toes.

These skates also help you feel comfortable when using them. Inside the skates, Botas has used an anatomical tongue which enhances the comfort. One of the best things about these skates is that these are available in a huge range of sizes.

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport

The Jackson Ultimate Softec Sports Ice Skates are another one of our favorites for this skating season. These skates come with a dashing outlook which makes sure you will stand apart when wearing these on the ice.

The Softec stakes have a thinsulate lined upper which makes sure that they have a comfortable feel. Jackson Ultimate has used cushy foam padding in the tongue area. This ensures that the skates have a comfortable and well-padded feeling.

The skates have an overall light-weight design which makes sure that you can move around, turn and maneuver quickly and easily when wearing these. At the bottom of these skates, Jackson has used a leisure blade with a stainless steel runner.

The high-quality blade and runner deliver an optimal performance on the ice. These skates are available in a wide range of sizes.

Roces Men’s ICY 3 Sport and Leisure

Our final shortlisted model of skates for this section is the ICY 3 skates from Roces. These high-quality, stylish skates feature a polypropylene shell and cuff, which ensures that they have a durable construction.

Roces has used a number of features to make sure these skates offer a customized fit for everyone who wears them. To this end, the skates come with fast fastening laces as well as a power strap.

Both are designed to ensure a perfect fit without wasting any time on the ice. An additional memory buckle with micro-adjustable abilities is also included with the skates.

In the footbed, Roces has used an anatomical padding which ensures both comfort and stability during skating. The footbed is removable so that you can remove it, wash it and replace it when needed. Inside the skates, thermal insulation material has been used which automatically adjusts to the shape of your feet.

At the bottom, Roces has used high-performance carbon steel hockey style blades. These blades deliver a consistent and powerful performance.

Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate

The Senior Vapor X330 skates from Bauer are another excellent model of skates that offers a wide range of high-quality features.

These skates have a TPR outsole and a tapered-fit design which makes sure they fit perfectly when you wear them. Under the body of the skates, Bauer has used high-quality TUUK Super Stainless Runner. These are premium blades that help you accelerate quickly and safely while maintaining a good balance.

Agility and quickness of movement is a notable feature of these skates, baked into their overall design. The narrow V-fit design in the ankle and the heel area ensures that players are able to maneuver, accelerate, turn and move around with ease and speed without compromising the stability.

The X300 features brushed nylon liner for good comfort and an X-Rib tech nylon quarter. These ensure durability of the skates while enhancing the feel.

Best Youth Hockey Skates

K2 Skate Boy’s Raider

The Boy’s Raider Ice Skate from K2 is one of the best youth offerings in the market. The key stand-out feature of these skates is that each skate can be expanded to accommodate multiple sizes. In all, every skate can be used for 5 individual sizes.

For each size, you can ensure a snug and sure fit by using the K2 speed lacing closure system. The closure system is easy to use. With a single pull, you can ensure a good fit.

K2 Skate has also designed the cuff of these skates with an eye to comfort and stability. An integrated adjustable cuff further helps in creating a customized fit for each wearer.

The overall design and make of these skates also makes them stand apart from many other offerings. The use of water-resistant materials all over helps you shield these skates from any wear-and-tear over the years.

At the bottom of these skates, K2 has made use of high-quality stainless steel blade that is locked in place using an advanced mechanism. This helps make sure that not only does the blade remains in place while you are skating but it also comes off when you want to remove it for maintenance.

The Boy’s Raider Ice Skate is available in four size groups, as each skate can be expanded to accommodate up to five sizes. The size options include 1 to 5, 4 to 8, 8 to 12, and 11.

American Athletic Shoe Boy’s

Another excellent model of youth hockey stakes this year is the Ice Force Hockey Skates from American Athletic. These are entry-level skates that come with the full range of basic features for your young one.

The Ice Hockey skates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so that your young one can use them in the backyard as well as on the ice with equal ease and comfort.

American Athletic has strived to ensure maximum comfort in these skates by using a multilayered approach to boot construction. The result is a boot that performs well while keeping the feet comfortable and snug at the same time.

On the inside, Cambrelle lining has been used which comes with moisture-resistant properties. This helps keep your feet dry and cool while you are wearing these skates.

The box toe of these skates has been designed to be cut-resistant and avoid toe injuries to the players. Overall construction mainly utilizes nylon for its lightweight and breathable properties. At the bottom of these skates is a performance edge carbon steel blade. The blade delivers a solid performance while ensuring stability at the same time.

Best Beginner Hockey Skates

Softec Jackson Ultima XP1000

If you are looking for the right pair of beginner hockey skates this year, look no further than the XP1000 from Jackson Ultima. These skates are designed with a focus on ease, comfort and support for the newbie. They come with solid structural support to make sure new players are able to get on with skating without any hiccups.

The skates are easy to adjust and fit, thanks to the Velcro strap. A recreational blade comes attached to the skates.

The blade offers a decent performance and is perfect at the beginner level of game. Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose from Pink and White, Black and Purple, Black and Lime, and Black and Orange color options.

Size options for these skates are categorized into four categories.

5th Element Stealth

Another excellent beginner-level skates for recreational and light use is the Stealth skates from 5th Element. These skates go the extra mile to cover all bases and include all the key features.

One of the best things about these skates is a reinforced outsole. This helps ensure that you have good feet support and are able to stay stable when on the rink.

The Ice Hockey skates are also designed to fit you perfectly. It is constructed so that you have a comfortable hold on the heel and midfoot but the toes are able to wiggle easily and freely. On the inside, 5th Element has used high-quality moisture-resistant lining. The lining wicks away moisture and sweat so that your feet remain dry.

Although these skates are geared at beginners, they are also good for intermediate players. With good grip and stability, you can achieve quick turns while wearing these skates.

Another great feature these skates have is built-in ankle support. With this support, you are able to avoid your ankle from rolling during skating.

Overall, these skates have a fairly durable and lightweight design with a sturdy but high-performing stainless steel blade at the bottom to ensure a smooth skating experience.

What to look for when choosing Hockey Skates

Comfort and Fit: The fit and comfort of skates are factors that are often mentioned interchangeably. This is because they are largely the same. If a pair of skates fit you well, you will feel more comfortable in them than one which fits you imperfectly. Comfort is also determined by the type of interior lining, outsole structure and padding afforded in a pair of skates. Fit is when skates are ergonomic and come with customized enclosure options.

Purpose: A key point to consider when you plan on buying ice hockey skates is to understand why you want them in the first place. Do you want to use them professionally or only for a recreational hobby? The answer to this will determine the type of skates that are best for you. If you want professional performance, you will need to focus on things like good fit, high quality construction and the blade. For recreational use, you can go with a wide range of skates without being very particular about the features.

Weight: When considering the weight of the skates, you need to understand why it matters. Skate models which weigh more offer good support and are stiffer in their response to turns and maneuvers. In contrast, lighter skate models are easier to maneuver and more light on your feet but they may not be as supportive or responsive.

Thermal Moulding: Heat moulding is a feature in which the interior of a skate adapts to the shape of your feet and by using the heat from your feet, the interior is shaped accordingly. This ensures an ergonomic and highly customized fit. If you want your skates to fit you just right, go with skates that come with heat moulding. This also helps you break in the skates quickly and get them ready for ice in a briefer time.

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