Best Hockey Sticks 2022 – Top 5 Sticks and Related Info

Welcome to the article reviews about best hockey sticks of 2022. These sticks are designed to enhance performance and help you up your game on the ice. These sticks is a must-consider for people who are serious about playing ice hockey.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best ice hockey sticks for 2022.


Best Hockey Sticks 2022

2022 Best Ice Hockey Sticks Reviews

1. Bauer Nexus Geo Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Intermediate

Bauer is known for producing a series of legendary ice hockey sticks. The brand has been a favorite among professional players for a very long time. So let’s examine their newest offering: The Nexus Geo.

It is made using a carbon layering method to make the stick lightweight and easy to use. The stick has a 5-sided shape that molds itself to the player’s hands for a stronger grip. It enhances both the feel and the amount of control the player has over the stick. Anyone who is looking for a stick that will provide a faster release should seriously consider the Nexus Geo.

It has an ER Spine which makes shooting incredibly easy while the Asymmetrical TeXtreme shaft technology improves the flex profile of the stick. It allows the player to make better wrist shots.

Monocomp Technology is used in the construction of the shaft to increase durability while the blade is made using an Omni-Core carbon fiber and a foam response layer. The carbo fiber helps speed up the release and the response layer gives added control over the shot.


  • Carbon Layering construction
  • ER Spine
  • Asymmetrical TeXtreme
  • Monocomp Technology
  • Omni-Core blade technology

2. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Intermediate

Next, on our list today is the CCM Super Tacks. The newest version is the AS3 Pro Grip which is made using a nanolite carbon technology. The unique thing about the nanolite carbon is that it makes the stick lightweight yet sturdy. In fact, this stick only weighs about 380g making it one of the lightest sticks available right now.

The AS3 also has a mid-kick construction to maximize the performance of the kick point. It helps players shoot with more accuracy and precision. The stick also has an optimized flex profile which allows players to shoot faster and make smoother passes across the ice.

The overall shape of the stick follows a T-shape pattern. The design helps players grip the stick more firmly and shoot harder. The blade itself is quite lightweight and easily picks up hand movements which is why it can be used to shoot in a controlled manner.


  • Nanolite Carbon Layering
  • Lightweight
  • Mid-kick construction
  • T-shape geometry
  • Optimized flex profile

3. CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Senior

The CCM line is quite popular especially among veteran players. Let’s look at another model from the CCM brand called the Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip.

Just like the AS3, the FT4 is also made using CCM’s signature nanolite carbon layering mechanism. It guarantees high performance and durability. The FT4 stick is further strengthened by the carbon weaving Sigmatex process. The Sigmatex Spread Tow makes the stick lightweight without compromising on sturdiness.

The stick also has a Skeleton+ Technology that makes the taper area lighter and more responsive so that you can hit with more precision. The shaft has a double concave R-geometry design. This special design makes the shaft more streamlined and ergonomic. It fits better and is easier to hold. The shaft also has rounded corners and concave sides and it guarantees unmatched performance.

CCM has really worked to upgrade the blade of their hockey sticks. The new FT4 has a RR-90 blade that is more advanced than other blades. It has a core that dampens vibrations and a reinforced heel and toe section. The surface of the blade is nice and stiff to give player’s a better feel for the puck.

The Jetspeed FT4 stick also has a unique hybrid kick point. This is a rare and unique feature and it gives the FT4 an edge over other sticks in terms of performance. The hybrid kick point creates a strong hinge effect and allows players to make faster shots no matter where they are on the ice.


  • Hybrid Kick point
  • Nanolite Carbon Layering
  • Sigmatex Spread Tow
  • Skeleton+ Technology
  • RR-90 blade

4. Warrior Alpha LX Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Junior

Now, we are going to discuss which ice hockey sticks are ideal for younger players. First on our list today, is the Alpha LX Pro Grip hockey stick. This excellent stick from the Warrior line was made keeping in mind the needs of amateur players.

It has an extremely lightweight composite construction so that younger players can handle the stick easily. It is made from light carbon fibers and thermoplastic resin. Both of these components make the stick extremely robust and it delivers optimal performance.

The shaft of the stick is constructed using a Minimus Carbon UD. The carbon fiber makes the shaft light yet tough. The shape of the shaft is quite ergonomic which makes it easier to handle the puck.

Plus, the blade of the Alpha LX stick has an ultra FuelCore with a Minimus carbon 25 weave. The blade has a tough edge and a rib design that makes it strong and responsive. The texture of the blade is designed to maximize grip for more controlled shots.

Another useful feature of the stick is the Sabre Taper II. The taper is designed to provide a stronger mid-kick for a powerful release. The design of the taper also makes it easy to control shots.


  • Sabre Taper II
  • Revolutionary Lightweight Construction
  • Minimus Carbon UD
  • FuelCore Ultra with Minimus carbon 25 weave
  • Ergo Shaft Shape

5. True Catalyst 9X Composite Stick – Youth

Another great option for young players is the True Catalyst 9X composite stick. It is an incredibly robust stick that is sure to provide high performance.

The stick is made using PLD technology. More than 25 layers of composite carbon fibers are used to strengthen the 9X stick. The good thing about the carbon fibers is that they make the stick both lightweight and durable.

A laminate construction method is also used to make the stick. It ensures that the carbon fibers are set in a way that the stick remains stiff even after prolonged use. This makes the 9X a good option for defensive players.

The shape of the shaft has a double concave structure with square corners. It gives players more feel for the puck.

On the other hand, the blade of this hockey stick is made using braided aramid fibers which help players make more accurate shots. The aramid fibers also have shock absorbing properties so they dampen the force of impacts and give players more control over the hockey stick.

The kick point of this stick has a mid-zone flex. It allows for a quicker energy transfer from the hands to the stick. The 9X really delivers if you want a stick that lets you make powerful shots.


  • Stick made with PLD technology
  • Laminate construction
  • Lightweight braided aramid fibers
  • Shaft with square corners
  • Mid kick

Are Expensive Hockey Sticks Worth It?

The short answer is: yes, absolutely!

The long answer is that if you want optimal performance than getting a specially made ice hockey stick is the way to go. A well-made ice hockey stick has a lightweight yet durable construction. It is designed to give the player more control over the game and help them shoot effortlessly.

Investing in an expensive hockey stick, really lets you experience the thrill of ice hockey. Only a specially crafted skill can help you maneuver the puck over the ice to score that winning goal. Rather than buying a dozen cheap sticks, we recommend that you choose quality over quantity. Your pockets may feel the dent for some time, but you will get to improve your game significantly.

So, do invest in an expensive hockey stick that has extra features like added strength, better grip and an ergonomic shape so that you can use the hockey stick more efficiently to make precise shots over the ice.

Trust us; a good quality stick just makes life so much easier and they also last you for ages even after prolonged usage.

Is Bauer Better Than CCM?

The truth is that both brands have a long history of producing some of the most trusted ice hockey sticks. Veterans and amateurs alike, all have a preference towards ice hockey sticks made by these brands.

But let’s compare them for a minute. You will notice that Bauer sticks are made with a foam response layer in the blade which gives the player more control. On the other hand, CCM sticks have blades that are stiffer and designed to minimize vibrations. Both have their advantages.

However, both brands use carbon fiber to make their sticks. The carbon fibers give both strength and durability to the sticks without adding any extra weight. So, both Bauer and CCM sticks have a pretty similar construction which is probably why they are the go-to choices of most professional ice hockey players.

What Is The Most Popular Stick In The NHL?

A wide variety of ice hockey sticks are favored by professional ice hockey players but players competing in the National Hockey League have been known to use Bauer and CCM ice hockey sticks.

In 2016, most players in the NHL used a Bauer ice hockey stick but in recent years both Bauer and CCM sticks have been used by the majority of players.

Ice hockey sticks by Warrior are another popular choice for expert players. In fact, some of the highest-ranking players have been known to exclusively use a Warrior ice hockey stick throughout the NHL tournament.

Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Ice Hockey Sticks?

There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing an ice hockey stick. Firstly, the stick must have a robust construction. The good ones usually have a combination of materials like carbon fibers, thermoplastic resin and specialized aramid fibers. The key factor is lightweight construction. While the stick should be strong and sturdy it must not be so heavy that it is difficult to make precise shots. So a durable yet lightweight stick is a must.

Secondly, the overall shape of the stick must be ergonomic and it must fit the contours of the player’s hands. The surface of the blade must also be textured for better grip and control over the puck. A blade which has shock absorbing properties is also ideal for use as an ice hockey stick.

Furthermore, the stick’s taper should be designed to make it easy to make controlled and precise shots.

Lastly, before choosing an ice hockey stick always check the kick point. Good ice hockey sticks usually have a mid-kick construction or a hybrid kick point. A hockey stick with a mid-kick easily transfers energy from the hands to the stick for a powerful release while a hybrid kick point is more responsive and delivers a faster release.

An extra perk of the hybrid kick point is that it combines the advantages of both high and low kick points so it is easier to score from any position on the ice.


Now, you know which ice hockey sticks are the best in terms of performance. We have carefully looked at the key features of each ice hockey stick on this list and we hope it will help you make a more informed decision when you choose one for yourself. This list also has choices for both expert players as well as players who are still learning. So, there is something for everyone on this list.