Best Hockey Stick For Defenseman 2022 – Top 5 Reviews

This is a list of the best hockey sticks for defenseman that any could dream for. In this article, we deconstruct each hockey stick to figure out which one is worth the investment. So, stay tuned!

The right gear is absolutely necessary for any player to truly live up to their potential and the same is true for hockey. Having the right hockey stick can be the difference between victory and defeat.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best defensemen hockey sticks now!

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Best Hockey Stick For Defenseman 2022

BAUER Sling Hockey Stick

Bauer has been a trusted name in the hockey gear industry and they have crafted some absolutely top of the line sticks over the years. The Sling stick is no exception.

It is made using ER Spinetech technology so that less carbon fiber is used to construct the loading area. The unique five sided shape increases the balance point of the stick and gives the player more control over the shots. The lightweight design ensures that the blade can make the puck slingshot faster.

Moving on, the shaft itself is made using an advanced carbon layering technology. It makes the shaft even more robust compared to earlier models.

The blade on the new Sling stick is also very durable and the blade hole has been given a major upgrade. These design improvements give the players more control over the puck.

Overall, the stick has a mid-kick profile so that players can load up their shots more efficiently and release the puck faster than ever before.


  • Stick made with ER SPINETECH technology
  • Shaft constructed with advanced carbon layering technology
  • Durable blade
  • Upgraded blade hole
  • Mid-kick flex profile

CCM Ribcor Trigger 6 Hockey Stick

CCM is another trusted brand that is favored by professional hockey players because of the excellent craftsmanship of its sticks.

CCM uses a special Skeleton+ technology to internally strengthen the stick and ensure that it helps players deliver during crucial points in a game.

Moreover, the shaft uses a special nanolite carbon layering technology along with a sigmatex tow. The carbon layering process makes the stick extremely lightweight yet sturdy. The E-Geometry shaft also provides better energy transfer so that pucks can be released faster. The design of the shaft is meant to improve players’ grip and control over the stick.

The taper area has also been modified. The improved taper is combined with a low-kick profile. These adjustments in the construction of the Ribcor stick make it out-perform other sticks in the same category.

Even the blade has been redesigned using a peel-ply technology. The slimmer blade is easier to handle and makes faster shots.


  • Skeleton+ technology in stick
  • Nanolite Carbon Layering technology
  • E-Geometry shaft
  • Soft taper area
  • Blade with peel-ply technology

PERANI’S Pro Stock Stick- Sr

Moving on, let’s take a quick look at the Pro Stock stick that is manufactured by Perani’s. This top-quality stick has a composite construction and is designed for professional hockey. So, experienced hockey players should definitely consider trying out this hockey stick.

It also has a square shaft and a flex rating of 85 so that it is extremely robust but still easy to swing about on the ice.

The blade itself deserves a closer look. It follows a p28 style with a classic medium length blade with a round toe. This blade is ideal for a player who wants more control over shots and passes,


  • Composite construction
  • Square shaft
  • P28 style blade shape
  • Round toe
  • Flex 85

WARRIOR Covert QRE 20 Pro Grip Hockey Stick

Next on our list is the Covert QRE 20 from the amazing Warrior line. It has a unidirectional carbon design.  It incorporates Minimus Carbon 1100D technology to design a durable yet lightweight stick.

Plus, the shadow feel construction technique makes the QRE 20 more responsive compared to other sticks on the market. The blade has also been strengthened using a Fuelcore technology. It slows down the wear and tear experienced by the blade during an intense game.

The edge taper is another extremely functional component of the QRE 20. It optimizes power transmission through the stick that results in a faster release. While the exterior of the stick is coated with a special substance that improves the player’s grip on the stick. As a result, the player has more control over the stick’s movement.


  • Unidirectional carbon design
  • Shadow feel construction
  • Fuelcore technology
  • Edge Taper
  • Soft grip feel

TRUE AX5 Hockey Stick

This excellent hockey stick has a useful one-piece design. This design ensures that the stick is well-balanced.

Furthermore, the shaft is constructed using the Axenic technology. The technology is used to remove any defects from the shaft making it a marked improvement over previous models.

The shaft also utilizes a SmartPly technology. It is a process in which up to 25 layers of carbon fiber are incorporated into the core of the shaft. The carbon fibers make the shaft strong yet easy to swing. In fact, this stick has a much more balanced swing as compared to other sticks.

The AX5 also has a really well-designed blade. It uses a BRT+ blade technology to incorporate extra-long braided tubes right up to the heel of the blade. This revamped blade helps players make more controlled shots.

The low-kick profile also means that the stick performs better than ever before and gets the puck off the blade quicker.


  • Axenic technology in shaft
  • One-piece design
  • SmartPly Technology
  • Upgraded tubes within the blade
  • Low-kick profile


Now, you know which hockey sticks deliver the most in terms of performance on the ice. We hope that the information provided above will help you make a better choice when you go out to purchase your next hockey stick.