Best Hockey Helmets 2022 – Get Optimal Protection with these Helmets

Among all the protective gear needed in hockey, a helmet is the most important. It provides protection to your face, ears, and head and function as the barrier against impacts and shocks of different types. The best hockey helmets offer protection along with comfort.

They are light weighted and fit great. We, here, present the trending best hockey helmets of 2022 that have all the qualities of the good helmet and so much more.

Protection with These Best Hockey Helmets

Best Hockey Helmets for 2022

Hockey Helmets  
Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Hockey Style Catcher's HelmetCheck Price
Bauer Ims 5.0 Ii Hockey HelmetCheck Price
PowerTek v3.0 TEK Ice Hockey Player HelmetCheck Price
Rawlings Adult Renegade CoolfloCheck Price
Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie MasksCheck Price

1. Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Hockey Style

Reliable, stylish, and high strength, this Rawlings helmet is the choice of many advanced players.

Rawlings is a big name in the sports industry, and when it comes to catcher’s helmet, they are known for their class. Rawlings never compromise on the standards, and this helmet meets all the quality standards. Having the two-tone translucent matte finish, this helmet stands out from the crowd for sure.

With this helmet on your head, you don’t have to be worried about the protection at all.  It has the improved interior padding that cushions your head and makes you feel comfortable. Along with that, it also has a Pro Dri plus moisture-wicking technology that keeps the inside of the helmet dry and cool.

The front is packed with a cage that is made from high-quality stainless steel that doesn’t deteriorate even after many uses. It is built to resist a greater impact during the game to keep you protected.

Overall, with this Rawlings helmet, you don’t have to be worried about your protection at all. It feels comfortable on your head. The customizable design makes you feel that it is specifically made for your head.

2. Bauer Ims 5.0 Ii Hockey Helmet

Optimal protection and great design, this is one of the best and most stylish mask and helmet combos to keep your head in the game.

This Ice Hockey Helmet combo features integrated ear covers, dual-density foam, and dual ridge crown. All these things together give protection like no other. Made from high-quality material, it has the ability to withstand game shocks without affecting the head inside.

To make the face protection even better, it comes with the single density chin cup with moisture channels to keep you cool.

The facemask doesn’t allow the pucks and sticks to touch your face. It is designed in a way to enhance on-ice vision so your game doesn’t hinder. Also, the structure improves comfort and breathability as well.

Different sizes are available to have a good fit. Not only that, every helmet also has a tool-free adjustment that makes it customizable more according to the player’s head size. Due to the perfect size adjustment, the helmet feels good to wear.

3. PowerTek v3.0 TEK Ice Hockey Player

Solid protection and comfortable design, this helmet is highly advanced yet classical.

This helmet has a two-piece shell design that makes it highly functional. This design makes it fully customizable that gives the perfect fit for ultimate protection and satisfaction during the game. It adjusts quickly and gives an instant fit with its screwdriver adjustment system.

The dual-density foam liner is for the solid support and offers maximum protection but remains comfortable. Also, there are 16 exterior vents that increase the airflow and give the optimal temperature to the interior so you remain relaxed while playing.

For the protection at the front, it has the traditional classical shape cage that doesn’t allow pucks and sticks to hurt you. The cage is made from high-quality material to give the best security during the game. Along with this, a single density chin cup is present that keeps the helmet stable and further improves the protection.

This PowerTek helmet cage combo is the best hockey helmet having the most affordable rates. Whether you are a veteran player or just entering the hockey world, and you want reliable protection, then this helmet is for you.

4. Rawlings Adult Renegade Coolflo Hockey Style

Anti-bacterial, Tri-density foam lining, and fully impact-resistant, this Rawlings catcher helmet is surely the best to own.

Coolflo is for adult professional players who like to have the ultimate protection in the game with style. Having the ABS plastic shell, it is full impact resistant and keeps the head safe. Additionally, the presence of Tri-density foam lining improves the overall comfort and cushioning this helmet provides.

The interior padding is better than many helmets and features ProDri Plus fabric-covered pads. They are specially made to wick moisture and keep the interior at the optimal. Furthermore, to boost the protection, it integrates anti-bacterial technology to the padding that makes it free from germs.

The front cage has a good strength to face forceful impacts. The quality of the cage is also second to none. The fit is also amazing – the helmet is neither too loose nor too tight and easy to wear and remove. Overall, this helmet can let you focus totally on the game without getting worried about anything else.

5. Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Masks

Comfortable fit, durable construction, and modern design, all these make it one of the best street hockey goalie helmet mask.

Designed specifically for young street hockey players, this helmet is very comfortable. Even when the scorching sun shines on top, it keeps the head cool.  It fits quickly thanks to its elastic straps; it keeps the mask tight and makes it remain in its place without disturbing the game.

The helmet is constructed using high-impact plastic that lasts long and remains reliable even after many games. The durable construction is further enhanced by the welded steel cages at the front. It keeps your face safe from pucks and sticks.

This helmet has a modern design with an adjustable backplate and vented shell that provide this mask a sleek look.  Overall, it is one best Hockey Goalie mask to take your game to a whole new level.

What to consider when choosing hockey helmets?

There are numerous hockey helmets models available in the market to select from. When it comes to selection, there are many factors to look for in the helmets:

Protection Qualities:

The purpose of wearing the helmet is to protect the head and mainly the brain. A good helmet saves from brain injuries in case of accidents and severe impacts during the game. The science of protection depends upon the outer shell that is made from different materials to stop the impact and the inside foam to absorb the impact and distribute the force without affecting the head. Double or triple foam padding is suggested with a high-quality material shell-like plastic.

Cage Design:

Face protection is another matter as well. In the youth leagues like school and college matches, it is necessary that a helmet must have a cage at the front to protect facial features. However, in professional leagues, there is a choice to go for plastic visor.

The cage should have the following qualities:

  • Better visibility: While protecting the face, it should give a clear vision of the field so you can play without trouble
  • Proper fit: It must fit on the face; sometimes, a player might need a large helmet but a medium cage and vice versa, so when buying a helmet, considering the size is highly important
  • Weight: It should be light weighted and for that different materials are used for the production like stainless steel so that it lasts long and faces many impacts without being damaged

Full face protection shield is also available made from polycarbonate but their maintenance is a bit harder. Buying helmets with cages is cheaper than purchasing both things separately. So, it is recommended to go for the good quality helmet having the cage attached.

Perfect Fit:

To gain the best of any helmet, it should be the perfect fit. The helmet must fit your head properly. The term snug fit is often used for the helmet fitting and it means the helmet will follow the head movement and move with the head without causing pain or uneasiness.

Going for the helmet larger than the head is not safe and can cause injury to the head. To give the better fit, many times, helmets have two-piece shells that make them adjustable. Helmets with the customizable fit give the ease of use. They don’t feel like a burden on the head and can be loosened or tightened depending on the user’s demand.

Comfort Level:

A player needs to wear a helmet for many hours so it is just that it should be comfortable enough. The inner padding should be cozy along with the proper airflow. When the head is close, there will be moisture for sure. Good padding keeps the inside dry so it doesn’t make the player uneasy while playing.


There is no rule to judge which helmet style is better than others. As long as it provides maximum protection and fits properly, any style is good to go. It is totally a matter of personal choice and thanks to the many diverse producers, the choice is huge.

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