Best Hockey Gloves for 2022 – Top 6 Gloves That Cool for This Season

A wide range of hockey gloves are available in the market this year. However, we help you choose the best hockey gloves 2022 by bringing them together in this quick guide.

These gloves are meant for hockey players at different levels. So whether you are an advanced player or want a good pair of gloves for your young one, this guide is for you.

Included in this guide are the pros and cons of each glove as well as their stand-out features. With this guide, we are sure that you will be able to choose the gloves that are perfect for you.

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Hockey Gloves  
STX Stallion 300 SeniorCheck Price
STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey GlovesCheck Price
TronX VenomCheck Price
Bauer S18 NSX Junior Hockey GlovesCheck Price
Bauer Youth ProdigyCheck Price
Franklin Sports Hockey GlovesCheck Price

#1. STX Stallion 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

STX is a well recognizable brand when it comes to high-quality sports products. The quality for which the company is known is well reflected in the Stallion 300 gloves. These gloves have many stand-out features which makes them one of the best for this year.

One of the key features that Stallion 300 gloves pack is the hyper-lock thumb. This uniquely designed thumb allows players to achieve excellent control while wearing these gloves. STX has also made a significant effort to ensure that these gloves offer good flexibility. The stitching in the knuckle breaks of these gloves, for instance, is unique in that it allows for maximum maneuverability of the fingers. This ensures that the glove doesn’t wear you down; instead it supports your game.

On the inside, STX has used a moisture wicking liner material which helps your hands stay dry. To offer optimum cushioning and shock-absorption in the hands, Stallion 300 also comes with foams and inserts. These gloves are available in a number of color options.

#2. STX Surgeon 300 Senior

This is another pair of gloves from STX that has made it to our list. The reason we have picked another product from STX is simply because of the quality and performance offered in this pair.

The STX Surgeon gloves are designed to ensure that they are anatomically fit for the wearer’s hands. The back-of-the-hand design, in particular, features tapered cuff and open knitting knuckle breaks. Together, these allow you to use the glove with a greater range of motion in a flexible and maneuverable manner.

Dri-lex moisture wicking liner on the interior of these gloves is able to wick away moisture from sweat so that you get a completely dry feeling when wearing these. STX has also used its proprietary impact-cushioning foams in these gloves to help you bear the impact without any discomfort in the hands.

#3. TronX Venom (Senior)

Another excellent pair of gloves for this season is the TronX Venom gloves. One of the key stand-out features of these gloves is that although they offer the full range of rudimentary features, they are a lot more affordable than most other gloves on this list. This makes them a particularly budget-friendly option.

TronX has used dual-layer nash palm and gussets on these gloves to ensure a comfortable and well-cushioned feeling. For the knitting in the knuckle breaks and other areas, high-quality nylon material has been used. This ensures a durable yet flexible framework of the gloves.

For the backhand and finger inserts, impact-resistant foam with plastic inserts has been used. The overall design of the gloves is tapered which gives it a unique custom-fit feel when worn. The Venom gloves from TronX are available in 3 color options.

#4. Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves

The Bauer S18 NSX gloves are perfect if you are just starting with hockey or want to play the game for recreational purposes. This rather basic pair of gloves comes with a solid array of features to deliver a decent, reliable performance on the field.

It offers good protection for the backhand and fingers, cushioning on the palm, moisture wicking liner and other qualities. For the palm area, Bauer has used Ivory Nash material in such a way as to ensure an extra layer. This extra layer helps ensure that the area of palm that experiences the most wear-and-tear maintains its integrity for a long time.

For plastic inserts and density foams, Bauer has made use of molded medium-density cull croll. Hydrophobic mesh has been used as the key wicking material in the interior lining. On the exterior as well, polyester mesh has been used which helps keep the gloves lightweight yet sturdy and durable.

#5. Bauer Youth Prodigy

Another great pair of gloves from Bauer is the Prodigy gloves. As the name suggests, these gloves are geared specifically at the young ones. They are particularly great if your young one is new to the game and needs good protection for hands while he or she still masters the fundamentals. The gloves are designed to offer the comfort and protection the young player needs.

Bauer has used single-piece inserts in the thumb area. These, together with the single-layer nash palm, enable the young players to hold and swing the hockey stick comfortably. For protecting the hands, single-density foam has been used. This type of foam offer superior protection while being light-weight at the same time. It also allows the glove to be flexible enough so that the player can easily move the fingers while wearing it.

For the interior lining of these gloves, hydrophobic mesh has been used. This type of mesh wicks away the moisture while also effectively mitigating the growth of any harmful bacteria inside the gloves.

#6. Franklin Sports Hockey Gloves

Franklin Sports is a fairly well-known brand name when it comes to sports products. The company has been manufacturing world-class products for years. The commitment to quality and excellent for which the company is known is also reflected in these NHL hockey gloves.

The NHL gloves from Franklin Sports feature an anatomical design for maximum comfort and a custom fit. This design also enables these gloves to be flexible enough so that you can move the fingers easily while wearing them. The gloves feature shorter cuffs which make them easier to put on and off without sacrificing any of the protection they offer.

To ensure that the gloves can withstand impact without hurting your hands, Franklin Sports has used high-density Shok-Sorb padding. For the palm area, synthetic leather has been used which ensures that the palm is soft yet durable. With a lightweight outer knit, the gloves are sturdy yet easy on the hands and quite easy to use.

Things to consider when choosing hockey gloves

When choosing hockey gloves, it is important to consider these key factors:

    • Padding: The kind of padding on the gloves determines how well they protect your hands. Ideally, you should look for gloves that offer high-density foam along with plastic inserts. Single-density foam offers poorer protection while higher density foams are more effective. If you want both high-density foam and plastic inserts, you should also expect a higher price tag.
    • Palm: Quality gloves use soft but durable leather in the palm area. The leather or any other synthetic material used in the palm must be durable so that it doesn’t wear away too soon. If you want the gloves for a frequent use, then you should look for gloves with reinforced palm leather. This is particularly useful for high-wear use.
    • Thumb: The thumb in nearly all hockey gloves is armored. This is to make sure that the thumb doesn’t bend too backwards and incur an injury. However, what you really need to look for in a glove thumb is also mobility so that it is flexible and offers a decent degree of freedom of movement.
    • Fit: Hockey gloves come with a variety of fit types. Some come with a tapered fit, so that the wrist area is larger and the glove the narrows down towards the fingertips. The classic fit is when the glove has a bulging mid-section and narrower wrist and fingertip areas. The anatomical fit largely conforms to the shape of your hand for a close-hugging fit. You should try different gloves to check out all the fit types and then choose the one that you think is best suited for you. However, make sure that the glove you choose is comfortable, not too tight, and offers good movement for the fingers.

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