Best Field Hockey Sticks 2022 – Top 10 Sticks Reviews and Complete Guide

How to find the best field hockey sticks

Here is a rundown of all the best field hockey sticks of 2022. We provide complete details on the advantages of each stick so that you can make the best choice when you decide to buy your own hockey stick.

We have come up with a list of the most exceptional field hockey sticks in the market. We have made sure to be thorough when it comes to the selection of these hockey sticks.

Your show-time will get highly affected by the choice you make when buying the sticks. It is not very hard to select the best hockey sticks, just read on. We have the perfect selection for you below.


Best Field Hockey Sticks 2022

Field Hockey Sticks for 2022 Reviews

Here are the reviews of the top field hockey sticks of 2022 which will reduce your search and make the selection easy for you.

1. Adidas Ruzo 4 Field Hockey Stick

The Ruzo 4 by Adidas is in a class of its own. This field hockey stick has a carbon construction. The carbon makes the stick stiff and robust enough for powerful hitting.

Because of its low bow profile, the Ruzo 4 is able to help players drag and flick the ball more easily. Moreover, the 3D head shape helps players lift the ball on the reverse. The shape of the head is also specifically designed to help players dribble more effectively on the ground.

In fact, the 3D geometry used in the overall design gives the stick a trapezoid shape that is much more streamlined compared to older models. This feature also makes it easier to lift the ball off the ground.

Lastly, an Epoxy core makes up the internal structure of the stick. The core has a foam element that makes the structure more uniform so that players can make more aggressive shots.


  • Carbon construction
  • Low bow profile
  • 3D head shape
  • Epoxy core
  • 3D geometry

2. STX HPR 901 Field Hockey Stick

Next, we have the STX field hockey stick. This is another great option for fielders both forwards and defenders.

The hockey stick has a pure carbon composition. It has a balanced bow shape unlike the traditional low bow that is characteristic of most field hockey sticks. The good thing about the balanced bow is that it facilitates upright play.

The STX also has a precision toe with a power core that helps players make stronger and controlled shots.

The unique feature of the STX stick is its one of a kind vibration dampening ability called the Countervail Vibration Canceling Technology. It lessens the impact on your hands so that you never lose your grip over the stick. No matter your position on the field, this stick is designed to help you perform to the best of your ability.


  • Carbon composition
  • Balanced bow
  • Precision toe
  • Power core
  • Countervail Vibration Canceling Technology

3. GRAYS GX 4000 Midbow Hockey Stick (2020/21)

We also have the GX 4000 by Grays on our list today. It gives players the perfect combination of power and control for accurate hitting.

This is a midbow field hockey stick that is made out of 100% carbon composite. A carbon twill fabric is incorporated within the structure of the stick to improve performance delivery.

An alutex fabric is also added to the mix. The main advantage of using this fabric is that it makes the stick a lot more durable than previous versions.

The midbow blade has a streamlined design that is contoured along the curve. A rear grove along the blade gives the stick more torsional power.

Lastly, the micro head shape improves the response and feel of the field stick. All in all, we recommend this stick for players who need to make precise and well-coordinated shots.


  • Full Composite
  • Carbon twill fabric
  • Alutex fabric
  • Midbow
  • Micro head shape

4. TK Total 2.3 Accelerate Field Hockey Stick

Moving on, let’s look at the TK field hockey stick. It has a unique accelerate design that has a 25 mm point at a low placement. The design aids players during dribbling and flicking. It also makes it easier to execute flying passes.

This field stick is also made with carbon composite according to the official standards for field sticks. A nanotechnology construction technique is also used to make this field stick. This technique increases the stiffness of the stick so that it delivers greater hitting power.

Additionally, the TK stick has a low bow placement and a precision engineered head shape. The head is shaped in a manner so that the final design has sharper angles. The pared down design offers improved maneuverability so that players can easily handle the stick. The lightweight and streamlined head makes it easier to make fast yet accurate shots.


  • TK Accelerate stick design
  • Carbon composition
  • Nanotechnology construction
  • Low bow placement
  • Precision engineered head shape

5. OBO ROBO Shoot Out Field Hockey Goalie Stick

Last but certainly not the least, we have the OBO ROBO shoot out stick. This is the only field stick on the list that is specifically designed for goalies. So pay special attention to this one as not many field sticks for goalies are as readily available as the other sticks.

The stick is 41 inches long so that a goalie that easily block enemy goals and stop the opposing team from scoring a point. The stick also has a straight handle design so that it is more lightweight which means that goalies can handle it easily.

The stick is also designed for shootouts. It can only be used by the goalie to stop goals during a penalty shootout.

Furthermore, the maxi toe provides a larger hitting area to stop incoming balls. The stick is also covered in a white latex layer that give players extended grip over the stick. The larger grip layer allows players to make more controlled movements by holding the stick closer to its head. So, we highly recommend the OBO ROBO for all budding and professional goalies.


  • 41 inches’ length
  • Straight handle design
  • Designed for shootouts
  • Maxi toe
  • Extended grip

6. STX Field Hockey Surgeon XT 701

You will find this hockey stick to offer you an all-rounder performance. It ensures that you get to use it to make powerful moves, while also allows you to defend your position effectively. With the rounded, low bow shape, you get to experience precision throughout your play. You will not have to worry about losing the ball to easily as you can make quick and swift movements using this astounding hockey stick.

This is ideal to use by professionals as it ensures that you get to make great hits. The 70% carbon fiber content in the shaft and bow allow you to make contact with the ball in the best possible manner. Find your performance as a field hockey player improve with this hockey stick.


  • Low bow shape
  • Precision expert
  • 70% carbon fiber content
  • Tapered toe and heel
  • Enhances 3-D skills

7. Adidas AX Carbon

If you’re looking for something that offers you great assistance during your field hockey play, then look no further. This Adidas hockey stick offers you 90% carbon fiber content which allows you to maximize your performance throughout your play. More than that, you get to ensure that you enjoy your game as it goes by smoothly. The carbon pate technology allows you to have greater control over the ball, while also ensuring that you make powerful hits as you play.

The best thing about this hockey stick is that you get to make use of the trapezoid shape it comes in. It allows you to improve your game drastically and enhance your 3-D skills as you play.


  • Ultra-low bow
  • 90% carbon fiber content
  • Carbon plate technology
  • Trapezoid shape
  • Enhances 3-D skills

8. MALIK Composite Carbon Fiberglass & Wooden Senior Pro Sticks

If you are looking for a high-end hockey stick that delivers a solid performance, the Field hockey sticks from MALIK are the answer.

These high-quality sticks are constructed using both wood and composite materials. The two different material types are combined to create a highly durable and functional stick.

MALIK has used a solid wood core for these hockey sticks. A glass fiber cover is then used to cover the core. The core reinforces the overall structure of the hockey stick and makes sure it offers optimal performance.

The fiber material at the same time helps ensure the long-term durability and integrity of the stick. The bow of this stick features a smooth design. For players who wield the stick, this ensures easier handling and better control over the stick.

MALIK has topped the hockey sticks with a high-quality grip. The grip helps you retain good control over the stick and wield the stick with confidence.

The Field hockey sticks from MALIK are available in a huge range of color options. You can choose one that best goes with your team and personal preferences.

9. TK Total 2.5 Innovate

Another one of our favorite hockey sticks for this year is the Total 2.5 Innovate stick from TK. This is an elegantly designed stick that packs a good deal of features.

TK has made use of nanotechnology construction to make sure that this stick features a very sturdy make. As a result, you can feel the stiffness when you hold the stick. With better stiffness, it becomes possible for you to channel a great degree of your power into the head and to the ball upon contact.

The precision engineering head of the Innovate stick is one of its most stand-out features.

This uniquely designed head has a relatively slim profile with sharper angles. As a consequence, you can easily play the game with a 360-degree skill set, no matter what position you are playing at.

Thanks to the head, you get to enjoy better ball control and a smoother all-around dribbling on the field. The stick itself has an elegant black-centric outlook which gives it a classic yet modern feel.

10. STX XPR 101

STX is one of the leading manufacturers of sports products. The company markets products that come with a decent quality and good price.

This combination is a key reason for the sustained popularity of the company. The combination is also seen in the 101 field hockey stick from STX.

This stick features a construction utilizing low-carbon composite material. Thanks to this, the stick has a forgiving touch while at the same time delivering an explosive power in the head area.

STX has use a maxi toe on this stick. Thanks to this feature, you are able to enjoy good reverse stick control with a larger sweet spot.

The bow on this stick has a standard design and size, although STX has used a thinner handle. The slimmer profile of the handle enables players to achieve better accuracy and control when handling the ball.

Old Models Field Hockey Sticks Reviews

Adidas DF Kromaskin (2020/21)

The first one we have to offer you is the Adidas DF Kromaskin. The revolutionary hockey sticks allows you to make consistent use of it as it is made out of Kromaskin technology. It ensure durability and performance as you make use of it. The technology further ensures that you get to make a powerful performance as you use this hockey stick. If you’re looking for something that gives you precision like no other, then this is it.

With its extremely low bow construction, you will find it to offer you the best ball acceleration throughout your play. When it comes to the carbon fiber content, you should be happy to know that it contains about 95% of it. This allows you to see a powerful and strong hit from this consistently. You will not have to worry about poor performance with this at all.


  • Kromaskin technology
  • 95% carbon fiber content
  • Faster ball acceleration
  • Lightweight
  • Adigrip tape

GRYPHON Taboo Striker Samurai

Next, If you wish to make use of a hockey stick which offers you great control and precision, then there is nothing better than this one. You get to make use of the 90% carbon content it offers you, along with the remarkable balance that it comes with. You will find that the hockey stick ensures that you are always in control, so you will not have to worry about the performance with this. It will only make things much easier for you than anything else.

The extremely late bow and the concave channel allow you to make the right hits with this stick. You get to see the ball swing in a controlled direction and movement. You’re bound to enjoy using this hockey stick throughout your play.


  • Extreme late bow
  • 90% carbon fiber content
  • Lightweight
  • Remarkable balance
  • Concave channel

STX Field Hockey Stallion HPR 401

Balanced bow shapes, light-weighted, and beautiful black and yellow contrast, this hockey stick is the combination of playing perfect features with great design.

STX is in my list again because this stallion is truly a powerful horse when it comes in the field with the hockey player.

It has the 40% carbon composition which makes it ideal for the intermediate players.

This hockey stick offers power and a light feel with its most advantageous balance point.

The upright players can take the complete benefit from this stick with the balanced bow shape. Maxi toe is there to enhance the stick skills of the players and allow them to have more control.

Available in three different sizes, this hockey stick can totally turn the game and give it to the hand of the player.

KOOKABURRA Field Hockey Sticks

One of the best field hockey sticks for this year is the range of sticks available from Kookaburra.

These sticks come in a variety of sizes and are available in two types of materials – composite and wood. They are specially designed for keepers.

Kookaburra has hired the services of professional hockey keepers who help in the design and construction of these hockey sticks.

The composite sticks in this range are constructed from high-quality composite carbon material. This ensures that the sticks are incredibly durable while also light-weight at the same time.

For better control and stability of the sticks when used by the players, Kookaburra has made use a of duo-core construction.

All the sticks in the range have a G-Hook head shape. This supports keepers in intercepting incoming balls and preventing goals effectively. These sticks come with the full range of basic features so that you can easily find one that suits you no matter what level you play at. You also get to choose from a wide range of colors.

Adidas stands apart in the world of sports manufacturing as a brand that is known for innovation, functional designs and quality products.

These qualities are visible in the V24 field hockey stick from the company.

In the lower section of this stick, Adidas has used Carbonplate technology. Thanks to this technology, this stick features a more enhanced degree of stiffness.

This added stiffness helps players channel more power to the ball upon contact. The shaft of this stick has also been designed with a profile that is straighter and sturdier. The exceptionally straight profile allows players to make more accurate passes and improve their overall precision.

The V24 hockey stick features a 3D Head. This uniquely designed head enables player to pick up the ball more quickly and creatively while also dribbling it with more ease.

Available in an elegant dark blue and black profile, this hockey stick is definitely one of the best offerings on the market.

GRAYS GX7000 Composite

Excellent responsiveness, great power, and amazing feel, one of the best composite field hockey sticks out there.

The first in the list is the field hockey stick by Grays which is a well-known name in the hockey industry. This stick is made from the special combination of carbon and Kevlar. It is an outdoor hockey stick that is not for beginners.

Its smart construction offers a balanced power and amazing feel because of specially engineered weight to balance ratio. With maxi toe shape and standard head and bow, this stick adds great benefits to the player on the field.

Adidas TX24 Compo 1

Dual rods, shock absorbent with great power, this hockey stick is everything that you can expect from Adidas.

Adidas is the big name in the sport’s industry and it doesn’t disappoint in the hockey stick production as well. TX24 Compo 1 is perfectly created with two carbon rods filled with foam so no shock should trample your play.

To support the contact patch, it has a touch compound which also aids in better control. It features the special adigrip which combines the Chamois like touch with classic PU and lets the player enjoys the game.

It is made by combining the 70% carbon with 25% glass fiber and 5% other compounds. All in all, it is an amazing stick with great features to boost the game.

Best Indoor Field Hockey Stick for 2021 Reviews

GRAYS GTI 5000 Dynabow

Lastly, we have the GRAYS GTI 5000 Dynabow. If you’re looking for a hockey stick packed with power for your indoor hockey match, then this is the one for you. You will find this to offer you a low bow, which is perfect when it comes making precise and strong hits. Along with this, the micro head shape further assists in improving your accuracy as you play your game.

The dynobow blade profile that this field hockey stick comes with is quite exquisite as you get to make use of a stick that offers you exceptional control and balance. So, you will find it easy to maneuver the ball that you play with. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it even easier for you to play with this hockey stick.


  • Micro head shape
  • High balance and control
  • Dynabow blade profile
  • Wood composition
  • Lightweight

STX Field Hockey IX 901 Indoor Stick

If you are looking for high quality indoor field hockey sticks, one of your best options this year is the IX 901 stick. STX has specifically designed this stick for indoor use. With 90% carbon construction, this stick comes with an exceptionally sturdy and durable design. STX has used a very low bow on this stick, which makes it perfect for the dynamics of indoor play. With the low bow, you are able to experience a good lift on cage.

Thanks to its predominantly carbon construction, this stick also has a very lightweight feel. As a result, you are able to achieve quick maneuverability and powerful shots with good control on the dribbling.

The IX 901 is available in a number of size options.

GRYPHON Diablo Pro

The Gryphon Diablo stick is another excellent option for indoor field hockey. Gryphon has constructed this stick with a pro curve.

Thanks to this feature, you can dribble around the ball quickly while maintaining great ball control. To make sure that the composite construction of this stick is durable, Gryphon has utilized a special resin matrix.

The matrix ensures that the chemicals used in this stick are bound together quite strongly and effectively. Another key feature of this stick is the ‘X’ factor.

This essentially refers to the way composite materials are applied layer after layer in making this stick. The ‘lay-up’ achieved thus helps this stick remain incredibly stiff while delivering an exceptional degree of power in the head.

This elegantly designed stick, with a teal-and-silver green outlook, has a power rating of 5/10. It also delivers an excellent responsiveness, allowing players to carry the ball and shoot it with good control and precision. To further help in this is the late bow shape of this stick which enhances drag flicking, a particularly desirable feature for sticks used indoors.

TK Total 3.4 Ultimate

The Total 3.4 stick from TK is another indoor hockey favorite for us this year.

TK has used an advanced matrix construction technology in making this stick. Thanks to this unique construction, this stick is able to deliver a solid amount of power as well as a responsive feel for the players.

Whether you are looking for powerful drag flicking, a 360-degre dribbling skill or aerial shooting and passing, this stick allows you to achieve all these skills.

To make sure that the handle is forgivable and offers comfortable grip, TK has used Kevlar to mitigate any feedback vibrations. To allow for good control and multi-directional dribbling, the Total 3.4 also comes with an exceptionally low head.

The stick has an overall lightweight and thin profile. This is particularly useful when you are seeking quick maneuverability.

STX Field Hockey Surgeon I Indoor

Superb for the indoor field hockey and designed for the advanced player, this hockey stick is the top choice of many.

STX has proven itself once again worthy with this amazing Field Hockey Surgeon.

It is the perfect combination of the three materials, 5% Aramid, 45% fiberglass, and 50% carbon. Along with this construction, this bat features a maxi toe with the late bow.

This hockey stick is the game changer for many and offers great mobility during the fast game.

A Complete Buying Guide on Field Hockey Sticks

There are many factors that impact the performance of the hockey sticks and when buying one, it is important to keep these points in mind.

The right selection of the hockey stick will not only improve the game; but, also makes it more fun and joyful for the player to enjoy every hit. Here is my simple guide to buying the right hockey stick for you.

1. Using indoor or outdoor

The foremost point to consider is basically the use of indoor or outdoor hockey stick. When you play the indoor game, the field size is reduced in comparison to the outdoor field, and the game has the pretty fast pace which means that indoor field hockey sticks are really lighter and quite flexible. The shaft and toe are thin and helps to keep the play fast. Very little power is utilized in playing with them.

On the other hand, the outdoor field hockey stick is a bit heavier and thicker and makes it easy for the player to drag the ball farther in the field. It also provides greater power to play even in the long grass.  Many leagues even allow using outdoor hockey field sticks in the indoor game. So whatever you select, it is your own preference.

2. Level of the player

The level you are now is the key factor in your hockey stick selection. If you are just beginning to play, there’s no need to go fancy and invest in many expensive sticks. Just a simple wooden stick will suffice while keeping in mind the position at which you are playing.

If you are at an intermediate or advanced level, you will become more precise over your choices. You can go for the composite bat having all the features meeting your requirements. Read further to know what will be great for you.

3. The player’s position

Shaft length varies greatly in hockey sticks. There are two aspects for deciding the length of the hockey stick:

  1. Your height (which has been discussed later)
  2. Your playing position

Different playing positions could enjoy the better game with correct hockey length. This chart will help you to know which one suits you best and why.

4. Considering the height of the player with Length of stick

The simplest rule to determine the length of the hockey stick is by placing its end on the ground and grip reaching your face. The ideal considered length is when the hockey stick is long enough to reach between your chin and nose.

Here is the complete length guide for your convenience:

  1. Short: When the stick is unable to reach the chin
  2. Average: When the stick is just long enough to touch the chin’s floor
  3. Long: When the stick touches the nose or above

Overall, a longer hockey stick is better than the shorter one as the former one could be trimmed a little to make it an ideal fit.

5. Weight

The weight of the hockey sticks could vary between 535g and 680g. Which weight to select is up to the player mainly. Check these examples to have a clearer picture about which hockey stick to choose:

  • Heavier weight: Designed specifically for the defensive players, the weight increases the power of the player to hit the ball and make it reach the safe distance.
  • Lighter weight: Designed for the attackers, it allows rapid backswing and amazing control. It is for the players who need to respond faster.

6. Materials of stick

Manufacturers offer a great diversity when it comes to the selection of the best material of stick. The commonly used materials are aluminum, fiberglass, Kevlar, wood, and titanium.

Which material is the best for the hockey stick is the matter of personal preference mainly, but here is my guide to help you a bit with your selection.

When you are a newbie player, initiating with the wood is better as it feels great on hands and improves learning. On the other hand, for the experts, the composite stick made from Kevlar or graphite is suggested.

They are specifically made for the players having an advance game.

Mainly wood sticks are heavier than others and the durability is also not up to the mark of the professional players. On the other hand, when compared with the wood, fiberglass is lighter but the grade ability is not the same as the Kevlar – it is pretty light as well.

No matter which material is used mainly up to the player’s choice. Details of different materials used in wooden stick:

  • Wood: Cheaper than others and amazing for entry-level players.
  • Composite: Being the most popular material used by the expert players, they are available in one-piece and two-piece. The latter one has a wooden blade with a composite shaft mostly. As compared to the wooden bats, they are flexible and have fixed flex ratings.
  • Fiberglass: These sticks have the coating of the fiberglass but their popularity has been faded away with time.
  • Aluminum: The shaft is made from aluminum; however the blade is unfixed and replaceable and made from wood or composite. As compared to the wood and fiberglass, they have a lower weight. They aren’t very common nowadays.
  • Kevlar: Kevlar is the basic component combined with other materials to make the stick stronger. It is a fibrous material that is very strong but highly flexible.

7. Bow

From the handle to the toe, the bow is the mere bend and helps in the hockey stick selection. Which bow to choose is the personal choice of the player – it ranges from 20mm to 25mm. The greater bend leads to easier lifts, drag-flick, and also aerials. On the contrary, the lesser bend means more control and there’s less chance of lifting the ball unintentionally.

There are three different types of the bow to select from:

  • Standard bow: Also known as a regular bow, it is of 20mm and highest bow point lies in the middle; this type of bow is perfect for every game.
  • Mega bow: It is of 24.75mm and the bend is located nearer to the stick’s toe which gives greater power to the player when drag-flicking and lifting the ball. It is considered perfect for the advanced players mainly.
  • Low bow: This bend is nearer to the stick’s head and allows full control and ball lifting, drag-flicking, and aerials. It is used mainly by the elite level players and it is of 25mm.

8. Head Shape

Formerly, field hockey was played on the grass, but now most commonly played in the artificial fields, which leads to the development of different forms of head shapes.

  • Maxi Head: Most popular in head styles, with over 90% of the sticks in the market today have them. It offers a greater surface area and increased sweet spot, these heads have optimum power to support the play. It has an open head shape with less mass to maneuver.
  • Semi Hook: The head bends at 35° and present between the maxi head and the full hook. As compared to the maxi, it’s surface area is a bit enhanced that offers augmented ball control and better accuracy specifically at reverse.
  • Full Hook: With 25° angle, this shape offers a maximum surface area with helping in the basic skills, typically on the reserve. It aids in accurate hitting with a bigger sweet spot. Overall, this shape offers complete control with a superpower.

9. Heel

The bottom of the stick that is present at that the back of the blade where the shaft touches the blade.

10. Toe

The toe determines the curve level of the stick and impacts the strike rate of the player. The smaller toes offer greater movement but the power is limited. On the other hand, larger toes provide a larger surface area but the movement is restricted.

  • Shorti: Great for high speed with better control, this classic shape toe is superb for strikers.
  • Midi: Ideal for beginners and midfielders this toe shape offers great control which provides room for improvement as it has a large sweet spot for hitting.
  • Maxi: The combination of greater hitting power and bigger surface area, this toe shape is good for injected and drag-flicks; thus, it offers amazing play when in defender’s hand.
  • Hook: It is the full J-shaped toe that has a huge surface area that helps in amazing drag-flicks and greater control, along with utilizing reverse skills. Better to be used on grass fields, it is for the players having upright style.


1. Are There Any Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Field Hockey Sticks?

There’s a great difference between the indoor and outdoor field hockey sticks. The outdoor field hockey sticks are made from hardwood originally, but now available in the composite sticks. They have increased weight and less flexibility but greater power. On the other hand, the indoor hockey sticks are more flexible and lighter in weight and offer great mobility. They are less sturdy and smaller in size than the outdoor field hockey sticks.

2. What Brand of the Hockey Stick Is Best?

Grays, SLX, and Adidas have earned the good name in making the best hockey sticks today.

3. What Handed Hockey Stick Should I Use?

To know which handed hockey to use, you should first know which handed you are. The right-handed players are lefties as they shoot left, and for the left-handed players, the opposite is the case. You are a left-handed player if your right hand is at the top of the hockey stick while the left hand on the shaft and vice versa for the right-handed player. Just hold the kitchen broom; you will use it the same way as the hockey stick.

4. Are There Left-handed Field Hockey Sticks?

The customized left-handed field hockey stick is possible to make but they are illegal to be used in the field hockey tournaments and leagues. Left-handed hockey sticks were banned mainly for preventing injury and assuring the safety of the players.


Now you know, what to choose and what not when it comes to the best hockey sticks selection. Make your decision wisely and improve your gameplay. I have given you 11 great choices, you can select from them, or you can use my guide to choose any other if you want.

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