The Best Field Hockey Sticks for Forwards With the Most Wanted Features

As a forward, you are one of the key team players to score and assist goals and for that, you need to hold on to the best field hockey sticks for forwards. Well, to end your search for the best, we have made the list of the best hockey sticks so you can easily lead the team towards victory.

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Best field hockey sticks for forwards 2022

1. adidas DF Kromaskin Hockey Stick (2020/21) – 36.5 inch Superlight

Whether you are looking for durability or consistency, you get top-level performance with this Adidas marvel. 

Having the revolutionary design, this hockey stick comes with the carbon fiber covering the shaft that greatly augments overall performance.

Thanks to the Kromaskin technology, this hockey stick gives you constant performance all the time. Not only that, but it also makes the stick much more responsive and adds extra durability with strength so you never miss a ball. 

To further enhance the consistency and durability, the company uses spread tow technology in this stick. It tightly packs the fibers together providing a higher fiber content per area. The strength is also greatly improved with this construction. 

The head structure is also very much reliable with the pre-molded epoxy core. There is superior layer compaction that improves performance and makes the head more responsive while receiving or passing the ball. 

Moreover, its extreme low bow with rightly placed groove speeds up the ball while playing. The weight of the stick is also reduced so you can play flawlessly.

Overall, this full composite hockey stick with the rounded traditional handle is ideal for you if you want to stay focused on your duties as a forward in the game while giving lifetime performance all the time.

2. Osaka Pro Tour 100 Show Bow Hockey Stick (2021/22) – 37.5 inch Superlight

With the super lightweight and powerful construction, Osaka has given a true gift to the hockey players in the form of this stick. 

Having a full composite composition, you can rest assured that this hockey stick can be your partner this season and many more to come. From the durability to the consistency, it will not disappoint at all. It becomes achievable with 98% carbon combined with 1% Kevlar cross reinforcement and 1% aramid backhand blade reinforcement. 

Show Bow is the company’s new innovation having the most advanced ground-breaking shape. The latest bow design of the legendary low bow is well combined with the pro bow shape to give you this amazing shape. This combination gives you the max height of 24 mm with the peak bow point at 200mm. With this shape, you can enjoy super-speed dribbling with the best drag-flicking accuracy. The power it provides is also unmatchable. 

All in all, when you want to try the newest technology that gives you the guarantee of success, then going for this hockey stick is the best option you get. 

3. Young Ones Y1 LB 70 Hockey Stick (2021/22) – 36.5 inch Light

With all the advanced features and futuristic design, this hockey stick is a perfect playing partner for you.

Made from full composite with 70% premium Japanese carbon and 30% aramid/ fiberglass, this hockey stick not only gives you durability but also a strengthful performance that you can always rely on. With this composition, this hockey stick is a perfect blend of control and power.

This hockey stick has a slightly thinned head profile that lets you go under the ball with ease. When drag flicking, its dynamic bow becomes the helping hand to add more accuracy. 

With only 525 grams of weight, this hockey stick is light-weighted to keep you going in the game without tiring your hands. Also, it features shaved head design that makes it easy for 3D skills on the move as well as reverse lifting. The same help is provided by its recurved toe design that further improves the picking. Alongside these features, it also has a bristled high control area on the head to make things better. 

So, if you see overall, this hockey stick is well equipped with multiple amazing characteristics that can take your game to a whole new level.

4. STX HPR 401 Hockey Stick

Having a balanced bow shape with powerful composition, this hockey stick lets you play like a pro.

This is one of the most versatile hockey sticks that suits every kind of playing style. Designed for intermediate to advanced players, it has a 40% carbon composition to make you compete like a pro in the field while augmenting your performance and giving you maximum control. Also, the durability of this hockey makes it last for really long. 

When you are looking for power without sacrificing accuracy, this hockey stick can provide you with both. Having 560 grams of weight only, this hockey stick remains light on your hands. You can play all day long without any fatigue. Though the weight is low, the hitting is powerful. 

It has a balanced bow shape with a maxi toe to further take your game to new heights. On the whole, this hockey stick is one of the best in this price range available in the market today.

5. TK3.4 Control Bow Field Hockey Stick

It is an in-demand hockey stick because of its outclass performance and amazing design.

Having a powerful composition of 30% Carbon, 10% Aramid, and 60% Fiberglass, this hockey stick is highly durable in construction while giving you the best performance. It is very reliable and gives you full control while you are on the go. 

Thanks to its low bow shape you can easily drag and flick using the top corners and the lower peak allows better scoop hit. Overall, you will be getting the accuracy like no other. 

With only 530 grams of weight, it is very light weighted but provides you full of strength performance like no other. 

Designed to meet the needs of powerful players, this hockey stick is perfect from one end to another.