Best Field Hockey Sticks for Defenders to Defend like a Super Star

When you need to stop the attack and regain the ball in your possession while also thinking about passing it to the right player, you must have the perfect hockey stick in your hands.

The right stick will let you stay focused on what is important. Here are the best field hockey sticks for the defenders that only augment the player’s abilities.


1. GRAYS GX 4000 Midbow Hockey Stick (2020/21)

From performance to durability, this hockey stick gives you everything to take your game to another level.

This year has been wonderful for the innovation as Grays has introduced this new stick with material and construction like nothing else before. This stick has Alutex fabric that provides extra durability to the stick. Furthermore, it has a carbon twill fabric that improves the all-round performance of the player while maintaining the playability side by side.

With this stick, you get the combination of perfect levels of control and power. The stick is well-balanced overall. Also, you can enjoy a greater response when the ball comes in contact with the blade. The head shape is micro. Further, it gives you amazing touch and feel.

Alongside these features, this hockey stick has a midbow blade profile that allows constant contouring over the length of the blade. Thanks to the real power groove, you get enhanced torsional stability. This stick is also awesome for reverse hitting.

Overall, this stick lets you defend like a pro and creates a win-win situation for you.

2. Osaka Vision 10 Grow Bow Hockey Stick – Neo Mint (2020/21)

This full composite hockey stick can improve your performance and make you a super-star in no time.

With this mid-bow all-round stick shape, you can enjoy the traditional game with all new features. The maximum bow point is present at 300 mm from the head reaching the extreme height of 17mm.

Designed to give comfort to the hands, it has a thinner handle so you can play all day long. It gives you a modest curve with an elegant profile so you can have full fun.  With this design, the ball is fully under your control and has amazing slap shooting.

Moreover, the construction is high-quality with the best construction material. You will get 10% carbon with 95% fiberglass. If that’s not enough, you will get 3% Kevlar cross reinforcement with 2% aramid backhand blade reinforcement. Using this material, the stick is superlight with the durability that can go season after season.

From one end to another, this hockey stick is perfect in every way to give you the best possible game.

4. TK2.Jr Control Bow Field Hockey Stick

TK has made this hockey stick with extra care to make it ideal for advanced youth.

Having high-quality construction, this hockey stick has the right composition of different materials that not only enhances its durability but also greatly improve its performance. It contains 30% carbon, 60% fiberglass, and 10% Kevlar. With this ratio, this hockey stick doesn’t fail you in the field at all.

The weight is just 510 grams that add extra power to your hit but also keeps you comfortable while playing. It augments your strength greatly and transfers it to the stick so you can take the ball wherever you like. The weight is really light to keep you playing without feeling any fatigue.

With its low bow shape, you can easily flick and drag the ball without any trouble towards the top corners. More scoop hit is possible as it has the lower peak of the bow. So, overall, you get high accuracy with this shape even when you hit the ball in the air.

On the whole, this hockey stick provides the perfect combination of design and performance with a price tag that is suitable for everyone. So, if your goal is winning, this hockey stick can surely help you to gain what you desire.

5. GRAYS GX1000 Ultrabow Micro Hockey Stick

GX1000 is another Grays’ in the list because it was impossible to leave it behind in the list of the best.

It is a fill composite hockey stick with durability that makes it last as long as you want. Along with being reliable for many games, this hockey stick has the ability to augment your performance as well with its high-performing innovative design.

To further enhance the performance with durability, it has Alutex fabric along with the carbon twill fabric that makes it a superstar. This hockey stick provides you the best feel and touch with responsiveness that only creates a win-win situation for you.

If you are looking for a well-balanced hockey stick, then it is surely the one. It keeps the balance between power and control and allows you to be unstoppable in the field. Thanks to its ultrabow blade profile, this hockey stick is perfect to develop the core skills and makes the player a pro in no time.

This hockey stick is another example that why GX range has been ruling the hearts of the players for over a decade. For sure, it can take the game of the player to the most advanced level with the right practice without any delay.

6. STX Apex 101

It is a very basic yet highly powerful stick that allows the player to start right.

Designed especially for the players who are just entering the world of hockey, Apex is for beginners. This stick has the same shape as the more advanced Apex models to give the right direction to the rising stars. However, there’s a bit lower carbon construction so the stick can remain in complete control of the player.

With this hockey stick, playing skills are greatly polished so the player can grow at a faster pace towards the advanced levels. There’s a special energy transfer zone (ETZ) that adds more strength to the performance and provides more power and control for sweeps and ball receiving.

Furthermore, the receiving area is augmented greatly along with the sweet spot so there’s no chance that the ball will be missed by chance. The increased accuracy is making it ideal for new learners.

Apex comes with unmatchable durability with its nano-enhanced resin system. It doesn’t crack over time because of the refined manufacturing process that lowers the number of microfractures in the carbon layups.

The best part is that this hockey stick is available at the best possible price that will make your pocket happy as well. So if you are looking for a performance that suits your budget, STX Apex is what you must go for.