The Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo to have Ultimate Indoor Fun

Two is better than one, and three is better than two, and the list goes on. The more you have is better always. So when it comes to games and sports, going for the combinations is always recommended because of the benefits they carry.

If you are an air hockey lover, then it doesn’t mean you should restrict your game. There are many best air hockey ping pong table combos available today that can triple your entertainment because of the diversity they offer.

We have collected the list of the best game table combinations that can take your gaming to a whole new level.

The Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo

Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo

Hockey Gloves  
Double Football Table Toy,Combo Game Table Set w/Pool, Foosball, Ping Pong, Hockey, Bowling, Chess, and More1407588 cmCheck Price
PUCK Atlas 7-Foot Air Hockey Table with Table TennisCheck Price
HearthSong Combination 4-in-1 Multi Game TableCheck Price

#1. Double Football Table Toy, Combo Game Table Set w/Pool, Foosball, Ping Pong, Hockey, Bowling, Chess

Why go for a single indoor game, when you can have countless fun in by buying just a single table? This table toy is all you have been looking for.

Having the decorative wooden look, with top-class quality wood fiberboard, this table is your investment for many years to come. It is durable and can be used roughly without any tension.

The game playing options are diverse. You can use it to play foosball with four players per stake or enjoy the ping pong and air hockey between the two players. It is the complete combination worthy to own. It can indulge the whole family in the activities it offers.

The rods provided are non-slip and have screwed handles. The turning, pulling, and pushing of the rods could be done without any trouble – they are flawless. Also, it is made protective by giving rod end caps as the injury protection. The figures are made using high-quality plastic.

Totally, this combo table is the complete package that is good for children and adults. The size is good and perfect stability.

#2. PUCK Atlas 7-Foot Air Hockey Table with Table Tennis

With the ideal size and amazing quality, this air hockey table is the perfect addition to your gaming room.

This table is not for air hockey only but for table tennis as well.  There are many qualities of this game table that you don’t usually found in others. It is a very light weighted but heavy-duty that makes it easy to move but also provides it with high-class durability.

To give more practicality to your game, it comes with two amazing systems: Slide scoring system and electronic system. With the former one, you can count your score hassle-free while the later gives you the ability to start, restart, time, power, and sound, etc. All these take your game to a whole new level.

The playing field is scratch resistant that means you can enjoy the same beautiful exterior even after many games. The high-quality motor gives the game the flow needed to enjoy.

When you get bored with air hockey, you can turn this table into table tennis. Enjoy whichever game you like and have the very best experience.

#3. HearthSong Combination 4-in-1 Multi Game Table

Light on your pocket but perfect in the game, this 4 in 1 combination is specially made to keep the kids busy at home.

The top of this table consists of the foosball field having high-quality figures and controls. When the top one is lifted, it reveals billiards, Ping-Pong, and air hockey. The requirement of every game is already given with the table so you don’t have to buy anything separately.

The assembling is easy and very simple. But, a kid couldn’t do it alone. An adult can set it up without any trouble. The size of the table is very ideal for every game it offers.

The design and construction are super sturdy and reliable. It could last years after years without getting damaged.

If you are low on budget but really want to get your kids to engage this summer, then this special game table combo is highly recommended.

#4. IFOYO Combo Game Table for Kids

High-quality construction with amazing style, this table combo can make every day a fun day.

A quick transfer from one game to another makes this table everyone’s favorite. It gives more time to play than assembling. All the necessary accessories are provided with this combo so you can start using it immediately. The assembling of the combo parts is very simple.

The size is ideally designed for the small rooms so there is much space remains for the players to stand easily and play comfortably. Not only that, but its storage is also very quick and simple. It has the space-saving ability as well.

Every playing table is provided with each unique set of features that only enhances the fun of the game. This game table can be your long-lasting gaming partner when you use it rightly.

#5. 48 Inch 12 in 1 Multi Combo Game Table Set

It’s a 48-inch 12 in 1 combo game table that offers every game in such a way that it feels like that the table is exclusively designed for that.

The special creation of this board makes it easy to switch from one game to another in no time. The table’s stack up designed let you change the game in just one minute. It is made with high-quality material that you can play any game roughly without any trouble.

The tough table legs with cross braces can withstand great pressure. The molded protective corners further improve the design and let you play safe. The accessory bag is integrated into the table to keep all the game belonging securely within your playing arena.

Though this table offers 12 games the game enjoyment is second to none. With the 12V DC UL certified motor, your air hockey is flawless. The flow is very consistent and pretty strong. The twelve games offered are air-powered hockey, air soccer, archery, chess, checker, dice, backgammon, knock hockey, foosball, basketball, bean bag toss, and table tennis.

If you are an all-rounder and want to enjoy many games at once, then this table is for you.

#6. AHHC 5 in 1 Folding Multi Game Table

This 5 in 1 game table combo offers a great game with much reliability.

Hover hockey, billiards, foosball, table tennis, and finger shot basketball, all these games can easily be played on this game table combo. The whole system is very simple and easy to set up and everyone can do it easily.

When it is time to store the table, things become very simple. The table and its accessories can be folded when not in use. The size is very ideal and for the smaller rooms. The size not only enhances the game playing but also makes the transportation of the table simple. You can shift it from one place to another easily.

The MDF constructed cabinet makes storage easy. It is good to be used in a small room and perfect for saving some space. The size is ideal to be placed wherever convenient.

Things to consider when choosing air hockey ping pong table combo

When buying an air hockey ping pong combo, there are so many things to cover. The above-mentioned models are the best today. Here are the things that you should consider:

Dimension: The table size doesn’t matter much but the size of your room does. Buying a very big table cannot leave the space for the players to freely enjoy the game if your room is smaller. Always select the table after measuring the room in which you are going to place this table.

Accessories: It is very unlikely that the game accessories are not sold with the table setup, but the possibility is that this happens. So, buying the accessories after buying the table isn’t a good idea. Go for the ones that already have accessories available and also a place to store them.

Stability and Construction: Children, as well as adults, use the table roughly many times when the game becomes aggressive. That means, going for the table combos that have high-quality construction must be considered. They are stable and reliable and can withstand the harshness too.

Extra-Game options: There is the possibility to even have 12 games in one table, so when there are different options available, why to go for the versions that only let you play one game.

Weight and Storage: If you have a permanent playing and gaming space, then weight and storage are not big issues for you. But, if you need to store them someplace, then both of these things should be considered before buying.

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