Adidas field hockey sticks – what makes them the best?

Adidas is the name known by all – not only by hockey lovers but other sports enthusiasts as well. For field hockey, Adidas develops many types of equipment including the hockey stick that is welcomed by the players all over the world.

Here are the best adidas field hockey sticks that are taking the players in the right direction. 

Best adidas field hockey sticks 2022

adidas AX Carbon Field Hockey Stick

No matter what the situation is, this field hockey stick will create a win-win situation for you with its amazing traits. 

This hockey stick features a pure control head shape that makes you the boss in all conditions. The surface area is like any classical yet highly performing head shape. The hitting power is improved manifold with the carbon plate stiffening technology. Because of its use, the bonding is enhanced that adds stiffness and gives more energy to the player. 

Furthermore, you can play with this stick all day long without getting tired. It has a trapezoid shape that lowers the weight while boosting 3D skills. This stick is for the players who want to enjoy the game at its full. To give more comfort to the hands, it is covered with adigrip tape along with the traditional PU with a Chamois-like touch. 

Thanks to the ultra-low bow and 90% carbon, you get more flick and drag at the top corners and better scoop hit so your shots become more precise with complete control with the superpower you desire. The hitting energy of this stick is magnificent. 

Altogether, the power and energy transfer of this hockey stick keeps you going like a pro in the field who is undefeatable.  

adidas Estro Kromaskin 3 Field Hockey Stick

Consistent, powerful, and durable, this hockey stick can take your game to a whole new level.

This hockey stick uses the company’s special Kromaskin Technology. Using this, the stick doesn’t damage at all and can be your partner for long as a thin carbon fiber layer covers the whole stick. Not only durability but this technology also provides a consistent feel and similar performance all the time; which in turn, improve your power and strength greatly. 

Furthermore, with the spread tow technology, higher fiber content per area is made by packing the fibers together. Using this technique, the stick becomes more powerful and also lasts longer than any other normal stick. Moreover, it also gets better weight distribution. The benefit of using this method is huge.

The head has more uniform structures as the epoxy core uses a foam core in the head. It also makes contact point more consistent to enhance hitting power. Moreover, with the pure control head shape the sweet spot is centralized that further improves the control along with increasing the hitting energy.

By using 3D Geometry, you get a unique trapezoid shape head with a flat back. Thanks to this construction, the weight of the stick is lowered greatly but the strength has been enhanced. Also, it is beneficial for more advanced aerials. 

adidas Chaos-Fury Kromaskin 3 Field Hockey Stick

Having advanced features and perfect construction, this hockey stick is an Adidas marvel.

You can blindly trust the durability of this bat as the special Kromaskin Technology has been used in its making. A thin carbon fiber layer surrounds the whole stick to provide protection from all kinds of damage. Not only that, but it also adds a consistent feel and enhances strength that alternatively improves power and hitting.

The stick is made stiff by using carbon as its core constructing material. Carbon properties give the stick other powerful features as well like strength and stiff feel. Furthermore, its combination with the ultra-low bow profile adds accuracy and improved touch during all your hockey playing modes. 

Additionally, to take the strength to a whole new level, it uses a spread tow technology. With this, stick fibers are tightly packed together giving a better fiber content per area. This enhances the durability of the stick and strength and also makes the weight distribution more consistent.

Overall, with excellent features and amazing performance, this stick is one of the best in the market.

adidas AX Compo 1 Hockey Stick (2020/21) – 37.5 inch Superlight

Having ultra light weight with full composite construction, this hockey stick lets you play lightly but with great strength.

This Adidas stick features an extra low bow. Thanks to this shape, drag flicking,  aerial passing, and ball controlling are enhanced dramatically. The shape is complemented by its 70% carbon construction that adds strength and maximum hitting power.

Furthermore, its pure control head shape gives extra support and complete control in all kinds of conditions. It features a classic head shape to increase the surface area for better playing. 

Alongside all other amazing features, it uses carbon plate stiffening technology that enhances bonding and adds extra stiffness to amplify hitting power. 

With the composite construction, the weight is very light which is further improved with a trapezoid stick shape that lowers the weight further and upgrades 3D skills. Moreover, to keep you going while comforting your hands, it uses the combination of adigrip tape with traditional PU that provides you with the soft chamois-like touch. 

So, if you wish to have a magic stick in your hands when you meet your rivals in the field, this stick is surely the one.

Adidas field hockey stick pros and cons

Every brand is known for what they make and very few exceed the expectations and become the world best because of the quality they provide. Adidas is one such brand that has been known all over the world for decades because of what they offer. Adidas goods are renowned in every country that is fond of any sports. 

Adidas field hockey sticks are also famous in the hockey world. They are used by many players of all ages and levels. There are many pros and a few cons associated with Adidas hockey sticks and here they are:


  • Flawless durability: Adidas hockey sticks are made sturdy to withstand all the hardships related to this sport 
  • Advanced technology: Adidas has been evolving with time and utilizes advanced technologies whenever possible to augment the performance of their sticks
  • Powerful construction: During the manufacturing of the sticks, they meet high-quality standards at every pace which makes them perfect from every aspect
  • Trusted by big names: Adidas sponsors many big names of the field hockey and also it has the trust of many players
  • Consistent performance: Years after years, Adidas has been providing top-notch products without compromising on the quality, their hockey sticks are the same and from the day you started using the stick to the last, you will get consistent performance all the time


With every good comes a little bad, and here you will find that Adidas hockey sticks are a bit expensive.  As you are getting high quality, you have to pay a hefty amount to enjoy the luxury you get. 

Is Adidas a good hockey brand?

In the world of sports, Adidas is a big name and has been manufacturing sports goods for more than 70 years. It is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world and the largest in Europe. Adidas has been sponsoring many field hockey players of Australia, England, Germany, England, Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium etc. Field hockey sticks by Adidas are renowned all over the world and meet all the quality international standards.

Adidas offers a huge range of hockey sticks with diverse profiles. From the variation in construction and constructing material to the difference in performance and hitting energy, Adidas offers a great variety. You can find wooden as well as composite sticks. 

The manufacturing processes and technologies being used also vary from one Adidas field hockey stick to others. Depending on the needs of the players in the field, the stick is designed accordingly.

Also, no matter which position you play on the hockey team, Adidas offers something for everyone. Your playing levels are also important and you get the stick according to your beginner, intermediate, or pro level. 

Adidas field hockey sticks use Formula 1 technology that gives them all the premium features to be the best in the market today. Many big names in the field of hockey use their sticks. Specifically, the latest editions of this year are taking the market by storm. The sticks using Kromaskin technology are considered to be just perfect by many players.

Adidas has collaborated with the London-based Hypetex and Hong Kong-based Marque Makers to create their new hockey sticks to give them flawless perfection.

The new Kromaskin technology uses Hypetex Textreme material that’s used in Formula 1 racing. This technology makes the stick damage-proof. The outer layer of carbon fiber keeps the stick protected while boosting the performing features overall.

Furthermore, Adidas doesn’t use the traditional carbon ply structures for their hockey stick anymore but has ultra-thin carbon tapes for the outer shell taking the help of the carbon fiber spread tow technology. It keeps the carbon fibers jam-packed together which escalates strength along with performing abilities. 

If we see overall, and answer the question whether Adidas makes good hockey sticks? The answer to the question is affirmative. From the design to the performance, their hockey sticks excel in every aspect. There is no doubt about their high-quality construction.